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These are today's DEALS. Whether it's EQUIPMENT, SOFTWARE or BOOKS what you see here is the best you can get in pricing. Take advantage of these deals, which are even better than bundling multiple equipment units.

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Super-DEAL 0 (Electrothrottle + PWM-Bi-Controller)
(DEALS Today SALE $595.00)

This Dual-Pack is the most used 2 pieces of diagnostic equipment from us. See each webpage here on our site for more.

 Super-DEAL 1 (Zapper + Electrothrottle + PWM-Bi-Controller)
(DEALS Today SALE $900.00)

This DEAL doesn't happen too often. Get 3 of our best selling tools; The ZAPPER, the PWM-Bi-Directional Controller and the Electrothrottle testers. All 3 separate units at the same time.

NOTE: Be advice that this price does not include the METAL-BASE seen on the normal page. So make sure you test COILS on a metal bench (ie. Your tool Kart) and ground it to chassis or Battery ground.

  Super-DEAL 2 (GDI-Magnetic + GDI-CRDI-PIEZO + FREE-Oscilloscope)
(DEALS Today SALE $845.00)

This is a ounce a rare limited quantity deal. The GDI-Magnetic and CRDI-Piezo alone sell for $1100.00 here. Not only is this a great deal, but you get an Oscilloscope boundled with this deal too. These Direct Injection testers are equipped with Current Probes and 10:1 Attenuation outputs. Remember, direct injectors operate at 55 to 125 volts. That's VERY HIGH and you don't want to tap on the injector wires directly. With this super deal, you're set. Use the Tester's outputs into the Oscilloscope included here. All you need is a Laptop, that's it.

Super-DEAL 3 (FUSE-PEEKER + Oscilloscope + BLUE-VOLTAGE)
(DEALS Today SALE $585.00)

Here's our third DEAL of Today. A very well thought out tripple-package; the Fuse-Peeker Current Probe, the Oscilloscope with automotive EMI filters and the Blue-Voltage. These 3 are highly related pieces of equipment. The fuse peeker to measure current (see how it's used), the Scope to view the fuse peeker's waveform and the Blue Voltage to supply power to your sensors for testing with the scope. Wow, being able to test and diagnose with these tools, and at these prices is a winner.

(DEALS Today SALE $795.00)

Finally we can offer a DEAL that allows you to view these signals. This Super Deal has the Compression-Peek Transducer, the Vacuum-Peek Transducer and Oscilloscope. This package is meant for you to test, prove and diagnose your engine. The included Manual explains most of the technicalities. The rest of our Videos, books, Ebooks and manuals do too. This Rugged Transducer Package with an Oscilloscope is the best deal we've ever offered.