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These are our Loaner Program Used Equipment deals. All our offering have been totally REFURBISHED and totally Re-Tested and certified in "As NEW" operational condition and with their FULL-1 Year WARRANTY.

When making a purchase, write the equipment's name on the small label next to the price below. Click the equipment's name to go to it's page and see all about it. Then come back here and purchase. Here are the offerings:

        (write this name to purchase)

  1. PWM BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROLLER $195.00 (Reg. price $385.00)
  2. ELECTROTHROTTLE ETC TESTER $195.00 (Reg. price $385)
  3. GDI MAGNETIC INJECTOR TESTER $195.00 (Reg. price 485.00)
  4. GDI PIEZO GAS/DIESEL INJECTOR TESTER $195.00 (Reg. price $485.00)
  5. ZAPPER UNIVERSAL IGNITION COIL TESTER $195.00 (Reg. price $525.00)

To purchase send me an SMS (Text) to (201) 674-5003 with your EMAIL ADDRESS so we can send you a PayPal invoice.

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