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COMING SOON... Later 2014 !!!

The Misfire HOUND (ignition fault detection system)

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The Misfire HOUND, part of the Auto Scope-1 Automotive Engine Analyzer and Oscilloscope is a dedicated multi-channel misfire detection system. A PC/Laptop based diagnostic system, which allows extensive misfire detection on DIS, COP and older Dist. ignition. This unit is under development and will make your life a lot easier, when it comes to misfire diagnostics. Ever wonder how nice it would be if you had any way to detect misfires easily? If you could quickly analyze the vehicle's engine ignition, without major disassembly?

The Misfire-Hound will do it for you. An all PC/Laptop based, fully upgradeable, and never obsolete equipment. We're far enough along the development program and are very excited. Stay tuned to our website for more...

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Misfire HoundAuto Scope 1 Misfire Hound
Misfire Hound ProbeMisfire Hound Ignition Waveform


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