In this page you'll find all our offers for the DIY Hime tech market. These tools as second to none, but meant for lighter duty, therefore at a lower cost.

VACUUM & COMPRESSION Transducer + OscilloScope

VACUUM & COMPRESSION DIY-Lite Models. Yes, that is correct. This webpage is for the DIY-Lite Vacuum and Compression Transducers, 2 units. This units are NOT meant for auto-repair shops, so please don't E-mail me to ask. The units are for the auto techs who uses these useful gadgets about twice a month. They're an off-shot of our popular transducer found here and Here. You can purchase these units as a combo Vacuum and Compression and safe money. You can also bundled them with our FREE LAPTOP that includes all our Ebooks, Software and Oscilloscope already pre-programmed on the laptop. An Oscilloscope SOFTWARE is also included that runs on your laptop through the microphone input, whether you get the Laptop or not. That's right, the Scope uses the MICROPHONE input (3.5" Plug) to show you the signal. The Scope looks like the photos found here further down. You won't get a lower cost rugged unit like this one.

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DIY-Lite Vacuum and Compression Transducers purchase options:
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DIY-Lite Transducers

Here are the DIY-Lite Transducers Bundled DEALS above:
(NOTE: the LAPTOP is FREE. Please, don't ask to remove it. It comes Pre-Programmed with all our Ebooks (over 50), SOFTWARE and Scope-Software that runs on your sound card. I'm not making you get a laptop, it's simply less headaches for us dealing with your PC and Software issues. We set and test everything for you, ready to go.
  1. DiyVacuum Transducer $319.00
  2. DiyCompression Transducer $365.00
  3. DiyVacuum+DiyCompression Transducer $535.00
  4. Laptop+DiyVacuum+DiyCompression $1,490.00
  5. Laptop+FusePeeker+DiyVacuum $1,490.00
  6. Laptop+FusePeek+DiyCompression $1,490.00


DIY_Vac_Comp  DIY_Vac_Comp  DIY_Vac_Comp

DIY_Vac_Comp  DIY_Vac_Comp  DIY_Vac_Comp

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