Autoscope-1 Automotive Engine Analyzer and Oscilloscope

The Auto Scope 1 Automotive Engine Analyzer and Oscilloscope is the most complete kind on the market today. This tool comes complete... and we mean complete with all the adapters and add-on gadgets. From pressure transducers to electrical current sensors, you get it all.

In Development... ETA end of 2014...

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auto scope 1 diagram
Auto Scope 1 FUSE Peeker DiagramFuse
        Peeker auto scope 1Fuse
        Peeker amplifyer

auto scope 1 adaptersauto scope 1 fuse peeker boxauto scope 1 fuse peeker adapter for the scope
                    1auto scope 1 current probe doughnut

auto scope 1 doughnut current probeauto scope 1 amplifyer for the current probeauto scope 1 clamp on amp probeauto scope 1 vacuum transducer

auto scope 1 high current clamp on probeauto scope 1 pressure transducerauto scope 1 pressure transducer add-onauto scope 1 pressure transducer hoses

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