Electric Eel Sensor Simulator Unit

(Coming Soon!!!)

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The Electric Eel Sensor Simulator Unit is a one of a kind piece of equipment made for field work (at the shop). Traditionally all sensor simulators have been offshoots of Lab-Frequency Generators used since the 1950's for electronic work. These units were further miniaturized with the advent of transistors and produce a specific waveform only (either sine or square). This is not good enough for today's automotive technician. The Electric Eel Sensor Simulator generates the exact signal needed by the technician. In other words, if a FORD F-150 produces a CRK sensor signal with X pulses that look in a specific way, the Electric Eel Sensor Simulator unit will output the exact signal. This is exact duplication of every single waveform produced by any automobile today. Plus the unit can also duplicate a specific waveform that the technician can actually design him/herself. This is done through a specialized section of the Electric Eel Sensor Simulator software. This is by far the most advanced and comprehensive automotive sensor simulator ever created. And, since the unit is PC based it is also fully upgradeable and never obsolete. Now under development. Stay tuned to our website for more. Coming soon!!!

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