Automotive Engine No-Start Symptom Troubleshooter Software

The Automotive Engine No-Start Symptom Troubleshooter Software is a guided program with specific symptomatic issues pre-programmed into it. Separated into no noid light, no pulsation. No spark, no fuel pressure, etc it is a fully guided interactive software. It is also loaded with what fails the most issues, researched from our database of thousands of symptoms and categorized onto an ordered database for you.

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Automotive No Start
                    Troubleshooter Software

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What is the No-Start Troubleshooter Software ... (See Screenshots at the Bottom)

Simply a one of a kind software that guides and tells you what you need to know to fix a NO-START condition on any Domestic or Asian vehicle. The technician gets to choose the nature of the fault, which includes NO-NOID or Injector Pulse, NO-SPARK, NO-FUEL PRESSURE, ECM FAULT and all other combination thereof. From there, the software sets itself up, without any intervention from the user, for the particular problem and vehicle in question. Then, a series of tests and procedures guide the technician through an easy to follow diagnostic process.

All of today’s faulty conditions can be diagnosed and corrected by using the “Right Diagnostic Process”, which is a series of simple steps to test and check the faulty conditions. Following is a summary of what you get with the NO-START Troubleshooter Software.

  • Completely guided diagnostic path built into the software.

·        Ability to print reports to the customer and technician

·        Extensive TIPS and HELP on sensor testing, solenoids, modules, ECMs, recurrent problems according to year-make-model, CRK and RPM input sensor, and much more.

·        The above section on RECURRENT or COMMON problems is based on thousands of REAL LIFE repeated faults for each specific manufacturer.

·        The RECURRENT or COMMON faults is of extreme importance for techs that are dead-locked on a repair and can not find the problem.

  • All NO START faults are separated by symptoms.

·        Once the missing action is verified (SPARK, FUEL, PULSE), then the software will guide the tech on the following: Operation and problem correction, what fails the most, important signals, specific tests, signal paths, open and short circuit tests.

  • The following manufacturers are covered: All Domestics and Asian vehicles.

  • The software may be used for European vehicles in a generic way.

  • The technician gets to choose from the only 6 possible No-Start symptoms. These include NO INJECTOR PULSE or NO NOID, NO FUEL PRESSURE, NO SPARK and many other combinations of those symptoms.

  • Each symptom section contains all applicable tests for that symptom.

  • Symptom tests procedures include:

a)      How the components works

b)      Ground tests

c)      Power feed tests

d)      Testing Open and Short circuits

e)      Which are the signals to look for during a no start test procedure

f)        How each component or signal affects the NO-START

  • Software includes a fully guided diagnostic path on which signals are the most important for the particular fault present.

  • What to do when presented with all sorts of NO-START situations.

  • Software prevents the technician from wasting diagnostic time testing components that do no apply to his/her situation.


  • How to test FUEL PUMP CIRCUITS.

  • How to test ECM or COMPUTER CIRCUITS.

  • How to test All GROUNDS.

  • How to test All Power Feed CIRCUITS.

  • How to test CAM and CRANK sensor circuits.

  • How to test OPEN and SHORT CIRCUITS.

  • Fuel VOLUME values found only here in this software.

  • Full explanations on system operation.

  • All testing above are given in a specific guided way to help the tech detect the faulty component.

  • Full of guided DIAGRAM in full color.

  • Waveform DIAGRAMS to be used as comparison if needed.

  • Tests CONNECTION DIAGRAMS to be used on component testing in the guided procedures.

  • IMPORTANT: All diagnostic procedures in the NO-START Troubleshooter are fully GUIDED. Most technicians get lost during diagnostic due to the complexity of today’s vehicles. With the NO-START Troubleshooter is like having an expert right by your side throughout the diagnostic process.

This is a complete NO-START diagnostic system based on real vehicle repair conditions. These no-start faults can not be diagnosed with scanners or fancy equipment. 90% of the time, all you’ll need is a test light, multimeter and at the most, a graphing meter. In today’s diagnostic world, knowledge is power. Get the power and make or save money. Hope you enjoy. Software runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8-Pro.

copyright Mandy Concepcion, Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing