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  1. Mr BOB DLC
  2. PWM Bi-Directional Controller
  3. Blue-Voltage-Reference-Simulator
  4. Scan 1 Diagnostic System
  5. Mr. BOB DLC
  7. Secondary Ignition Probe
  8. Wow Fuel Injector Pulser
  9. Zapper Ignition Coil Pulser & Tester
  10. RETRACTOR Electronic Parking Brake Tool
  11. ELECTROTHROTTLE ETC Actuator Tester
  12. FREE-Scope Software

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We develop, write and produce all our automotive technology products. We don't re-sell from anyone. Our mission is to provide automotive training and diagnostic products, including equipment, books, videos and software. We develop specialized products found nowhere else. We also give a great tech-support experience. All our PC-Based equipment, software and pdf-books include future updates at no cost, so updates are included (future book PDF-editions & software).

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