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Here you'll find our automotive technology and repair books in audio format. These Audiobooks are in MP3, so they're playable anywhere, phones, tablets, your PC, etc. When you order, within 5 to 15 minutes you'll get a Zip file download with two MP3 Audiobooks, English US and UK versions. Why Audiobooks, it's just the new way of learning. Lots of time is invested in driving home, so why not learn. Also, why not learn while you're doing what you like to do, like go to the park or jogging or simply walking down the street. We also have our DVD and printed book collection at Amazon or where ever books are sold. Also See Printed Book Catalog…

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Auto-Electric Repairs Explained Audiobook

Make Your Own Diagnostic Equipment Audiobook

Automotive Relay Circuit Guide Audiobook

Variable Valve Timing and Lift Audiobook

Gasoline Direct Injection Audiobook

Diesel Common Rail Injection Audiobook

Automotive Sensor Operation and Testing Audiobook

Automotive Actuators and EVAP Testing Audiobook

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