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We are developers and designers of automotive repair and diagnostic electronic equipment. We develop the hardware, as well as the software that goes along or that communicates with the hardware. Here, you'll find all our arsenal of specialty auto diagnostic equipment and add-on gadgets.

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Select From Our Automotive Repair and Diagnostic Equipment Below.

(All our Equipment Products are Made in the USA by Us. No Chinese Knockoffs.)

Equipment Starter's Packages
auto repair equipment starter packIn this Equipment Starters Package page, you'll find all our Equipment Starter's Saving Packages. Why? So you can save money by buying in packs. These packages are structured according to specific needs. To make a decision on which package is good for you, read on your specific needs and make your decision. Plus, you can add other equipment options and save even more...

Click >> AFR or Wide-Band O2 sensor and Battery Parasitic Draw Tester Meter  New Item

ARF Wide Band O2 Sensor The newer “wide band” O2 sensor solves the narrow sensing problem of the previous Zirconium sensors. These sensors are often called by different names such as, continuous lambda sensors, AFR (air fuel ratio sensors), LAF (lean air fuel sensor) and wide range O2 sensor. Regardless of the name, the principle is the same, which is to put the ECM in a better position to control the air/fuel mixture. But, and this is a big but, these sensors operate differently. They output a minute (small) current or amperage in the Milli-Amp or lower range that the ECM senses and then converts to a signal voltage. It is this signal (Calculated) that's outputted to you via the scanner and you have to trust the scanner, which is not always accurate.

The AFR Tester can also be used to test parasitic battery current draws. Yes, those that discharge the battery over night. It works by converting the tiny current draw into a voltage that the Voltmeter can measure.

Click >> GDI - CRDI Direct Injector Pulser Tester  New Item

GDI CRDI Direct Injector Tester
GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection (Petrol) and CRDI means Common Rail Direct Injection (Diesel) found mostly on Diesel engines. Finally, here is an affordable unit to test these injectors. There are 2 types of direct injectors found on cars today, the Magnetic and the Piezo injectors. The GDI - CRDI Injector Pulser Tester is able to test both, Magnetic and Piezo injectors.

Click >> Bangger COP Secondary Ignition Probe Sets

8 bangger ignition probeThe Bangger Ignition Probes uses Inducto-Capacitive-Resistive technology to acquire the ignition signal from the coil. There is also attenuation circuitry inside the probe itself. These probes are different than the other probe we also manufacture in that the were created for today's COP systems, are way more sensitive and have COP signal filtering in them. These ignition probes work with your own scope or the Scope-1, for which these probes were created. See what it's all about.


PWM automotive controller
The Automotive PWM Bi-Directional Controller and DRIVER is a complete auto-repair and diagnostic tool meant to power high current loads (up to 60 Amps) and also trigger (low voltage) other controller modules. You have complete control over the output signal. Control both frequency and duty-cycle, as well as signal voltage levels and output current. Here's how it works.

Click >>> BLUE-VOLTAGE-SIMULATOR ECM Regulated Ground, 5 & 8 Volts

ECM Reference Voltage SimulatorECM Reference Voltage Simulator or Blue-Voltage-Reference-Simulator is a regulated ECM  Ground, 5 and 8 volts provider. It is used to test any 5 or 8 volt reference sensor, such as TPS, Position Sensors Valves, EGR, and some 5 and 8 volt CAM and CRANK Sensors. Click above or on the photo for more.

Click >>> ELETROTHROTTLE ETC Electronic Throttle Actuator Tester ELECTROTHROTTLE was developed from the ground up as a modern DC-Motor actuated electronic throttle control actuator and tester. The ELECTROTHROTTLE has two frequency settings, 400Hz and a 20,000Hz (20KHz) PWM control mode. The 400Hz mode allows for all solenoids testing; and also used to test ETC throttles as a "Rebuilder's" mode. The 20KHz frequency mode is the normal ETC actuation mode. Read on to find out more...

Click >>> RETRACTOR Electronic Parking Brake Tool (EPB)

electronic parking brake tool The RETRACTOR Electronic Parking Brake Tool does exactly what is says, it allows you to retract the brake calipers, replace your pads, contract the calipers back again, then finally STEP retract the calipers to set the pad to rotor clearance.

Click >>> Zapper Ignition Coil Pulser and Tester

ignition coil testerThe Zapper Automotive Ignition Coil Pulser and Tester is meant to allow you to activate and pulse all kinds of ignition coils on a bench. Test all available coils found on the market today. The Zapper coil testing bed and pulser allows testing of COP or Coil On Plug, DIS, Distributor Coils, Coil Packs and any other coil system. It also allows testing of COP coils with internal driver within the coil. The Zapper is a unique tool and all you'll ever need to test and diagnose ignition and misfire problems.

fuel injector pulserDeveloped to perform fuel injector flow testing, injector cleaning and pulse width general injector health determination, like pintle opening, binding and weak springs. But most of all, to perform accurate fuel flow tests using the pulser and your fuel gauge. The unit can handle all and any fuel injector in the industry. It can generate 5, 10 and 15 mSec or milli-second pulses and can also give you 1, 2, 4, 10 or continuous pulses.

 CLICK >>> Auto Scope-1 Automotive Engine Analyzer and Oscilloscope

AutoScope 1 Engine Analyzer and OscilloscopeThe Auto Scope 1 is a late generation automotive oscilloscope, made just to work on automobiles. The AutoScope 1 has the industry's first "Automatic Signal Fault Recognition System" or "Signalator" technology. What is Signalator? Its simple, just connect with "Guided Help" and press a button. Which button? Selectable component buttons, such as all sorts of Sensors and Actuators. The Signalator algorithm simply does the rest, captures and displays the faulty signal in waveform, diagram, bar, graph or any other graphic form. The human mind can understand a graphic representation much better than waves and numbers.

Scope-1 Hardware and Software Being Updated. Soon to be available..

 CLICK >>> ECM-Ghost Automotive Electronic Breakout Box 

ECM Ghost Electronic Breakout BoxThe ECM-Ghost in also an industry first. This piece of equipment connects between the ECM and Wiring harness. Then, it takes over the diagnostic process like no other tool. With the ECM-Ghost you have access to each and every ECM pin. If it's connected to the ECM, you can control it, test it and diagnose it. In essence, the ECM Ghost is the ultimate bi-directional controller and tester. The software allows you to do activation, voltage, current, resistance, fast pulsing for cleaning and lots of other diagnostic schemes we included in the software. Do an entire electrical sweep test on all the ECM pins within 2 minutes. This tool is the ultimate in auto diagnostics.

ECM-Ghost Under Development...

Fuse Peeker Automotive Current ProbeThe "FUSE PEEKER" is a versatile Add-On to your own Scope or the AutoScope 1. What is does is connects in place of a fuse or in series with the component. The unit has a very accurate internal current circuit. The output is then proportional to the operating parameters of the component. Good for testing injectors, coils, motors, solenoids, or any other high and relatively lower current device. It is meant to be used with your own oscilloscope or the AutoScope 1 with Signalator technology. Either way, it works the exact same way, by outputting a signal proportional to the current flowing in the circuit. Just disconnect the fuse or connect in series.

 CLICK >>> Mr BOB DLC OBD-2 Connector Electronic Breakout Box

Mr BOB DLC OBD-2 Electronic Breaout Box Mr BOB DLC CompleteMr BOB DLC is an electronic DLC - Data Link Connector electronic breakout box. Mr BOB has 8 channels, has hardware and software, connects to your PC/Laptop, converts your computer into an 8 channel graphing meter, detects power, chassis and sensor ground issues automatically (Signalator), also tests though the DLC the battery and alternator. What else can we say about it? Well it is not a simple box-with-holes. It is hardware-with-case, double ended OBD-2 DLC, software and cables. You're set with Mr BOB for all automotive network diagnostics.

CLICK >>> Scan-1 Automotive Scan Tool with Automated Testing

Scan-1 Automotive Scan ToolThe Scan 1 with Automated Testing and Fault Recognition technology. The Scan 1 follows our mode of operation algorithms. This is the only scan tool that retrieves the data-stream at a few times per second, captures, analyzes and runs the data through our developed testing algorithm. Then software then gives you a repair report. The Scan 1is also loaded with many automotive diagnostic features. It has vast graphing capabilities, decoded mode-06, running monitors, Video-Troubleshooters many DTCs/codes and sections, and too many other features to count. The Scan 1, Auto Scope 1 and ECM-Ghost for the core of our diagnostic arsenal.

 CLICK >>> TransDoctor Automotive Transmission Electronic Diagnostics and Shifter

TransDoctor Automotive Transmission ShifterThe TransDoctor is an electronics transmission shifter. It is also a complete transmission information system. With the TransDoctor you can actually force shift the transmission, fast pulse the solenoids for cleaning, use your Laptop/PC as a scope like graphing meter, do electrical tests on solenoids and speed sensors. It is a PC/Laptop based equipment. Connects to your USB port and you're ready. This is a complete transmission repair and diagnostics solution.

 CLICK >>> Automotive Vacuum Peek Transducer Probe

Automotive Vacuum Transducer ProbeThis is the Vacuum-Transducer Probe meant as an add-on to your scope or the Auto Scope 1. What does this neat gadget do? You can use it to test injectors by reading the slight fluctuations at the fuel pressure regulator diaphragm. It also has it's own diaphragm for returnless fuel systems. You can use the Vacuum Probe to diagnose the engine by reading exhaust back flow. You can use it at the intake manifold to check mechanical integrity and so many more scenarios. The Vacuum Transducer Probe is rugged, comes with all cables, has a standard BNC output and can be used with your own oscilloscope or the Auto Scope 1. It is part of our complete arsenal of oscilloscope addition gadgets.

 CLICK >>> Automotive Doughnut Clamp-On Current Probe

doughnut current clamp on probeThis is a unique add-on to your own scope and part of the Auto Scope 1. This is in essence a very sensitive Clamp-On AMp Probe, also called current probe. Not as sensitive as the FUSE-PEEKER above, but the difference is that you can get and use this probe in sets of two or more. The FUSE-PEEKER goes in place of a fuse, so inherently only makes sense to use one. However, the doughnut can be used in multiples. Here's an example, You have a 4 cylinder engine and want to get a Voltage and Current signal. You also have a basic 2 channel scope. So, you set channel-1 to read voltage with the leads and channel-2 to the doughnut. Then you're set and there's a lot you can do with this setup (It's all included in the Doughnut Manual). Also, if you have more channels, like an 8 channel scope then you can ready voltage and current for all 4 cylinders at the same time. This works the same for ignition coils and solenoids. This is truly the most cost effective and accurate way to do a voltage/current diagnostic using your own scope or the Auto Scope 1.

 CLICK >>> Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe

automotive secondary ignition probeThis secondary ignition probe comes complete with internal attenuation filter circuitry (nothing extra to buy). It is meant for your own Scope or the Scope 1. Have you seen those cheap clip-like secondary probes? This little probe has nothing to do with that. It is sensitive, protects your equipment, easy to use, rugged, has a BNC connector and comes with a plastic case, cables and BNC-to-Banana adapter. Meant to be used with your own Scope or the Auto Scope 1. Encased in tough epoxy makes for the toughest secondary probe in the industry. Use it with the included adapters for COP and DIS ignition systems, as well as the older distributor ignition. With the Automotive Ignition Probe you're set to do misfire detection and diagnostics.

CLICK >>> Automotive Compression Peek Transducer Probe

automotive compression transducer probeThe automotive compression transducer probe can be used with your own Scope or the Auto Scope 1. So, what is it? It is the toughest compression transducer probe in the industry. It is not a pressure sensor, but a transducer. What's a transducer? A transducer measures dynamic or moving pressure, as when you do a compression test. Gauges are ok for static maximum compression, but not for engine mechanical analysis. The compression transducer probe tells you the details, like valve opening and closing, both intake and exhaust, cylinder pressure and everything related to the engine mechanical. It outputs a voltage signal with all the mechanical operating signatures. It includes a plastic case, cables, BNC connector and BNC-to-Banana adapter. It also comes with all the adapter hoses for different engine spark-plug sizes. Our compression transducer works with your own Scope and our Auto Scope 1. Be ready for any and all mechanical analysis. You have a pesky Misfire Problem? This will determine it's not the engine so you can carry on.

Why did we built these add-on probes? The answer is because although they work with your own Scope, the Auto Scope 1 has "Signalator" technology, so it needs probes with determined specifications. That way the software can adapt to the "Fault Recognition Algorithm". That's the reason, simple right? We develop custom made tools/equipment from the ground up to be used for automotive repairs and that's it.

copyright Mandy Concepcion, Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing