Fuel Flow Analyzer (ORACLE) System

The ORACLE Fuel-Flow-Analyzer System is a PC-Based fuel flow analysis tool able to pinpoint subtle, persistent and hard-core automotive performance problems with the fuel delivery. The ORACLE Fuel-Flow-Analyzer employs a turbine driven flow sensor, signal conditioning circuit and PC-Based Software. It is able to detect the smallest fuel flow variations, as the engine is running and operating. 

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What is the ORACLE Fuel Flow Analyzer System?

Able to detect issues with the fuel delivery systems; have you ever had a driveability issue, as in low or no power, engine power issues after 35 MPH (45KPH), slow response and no DTC/Codes and good fuel pressure to top all off?

Well then, what to do next?

The ORACLE Fuel Flow Analyzer System is a PC based/USB diagnostic equipment connected in-line with the fuel hose outlet. In fact, it is connected in series with the fuel line, so all the fuel first flows through the ORACLE then to the engine. The ORACLE'S turbine sensor is a state of the art, tough sensor, that also connects to the electronic interface to the PC/Computer (Windows Based XP, 7, 8 and 10). It also comes with a set of fuel line adapters to make it possible to connect the ORACLE, in-line or in-series with the fuel system.

The second part of the ORACLE Fuel Flow Analyzer is the "SOFTWARE" (future updates included). The ORACLE Software is PC based and was custom made and developed for the ORACLE. So, this is an automotive fuel flow analyzer made from the ground up to work with cars. Able to detect subtle changes in fuel flow, such as "Active or Dynamic Fuel Injector Operation" depending on the demands of conditions to the engine. This is the tool to use when everything else failed. When the scanner has no-codes; when you've thrown a few parts at the vehicle in desperation; when you know the ignition and engine mechanical is fine; that's when the ORACLE is needed.

Why the ORACLE; to do what?

The issue is that fuel delivery relies on two aspects: Fuel Pressure and Fuel Volume. In faulty cases before mentioned, the pressure stays correct and rock solid, unless the issue is severe, then you start loosing pressure. Issues with the fuel pump non-operational, there's no need for the ORACLE; just replace the fuel pump.

The ORACLE was designed to detect specific fuel conditions (flow) at certain engine LOADS. This is undetectable by the ECM/Scanner or any other means, so no CODES. It is often detected using an oscilloscope; but this is difficult to do and in many cases time consuming, more so than connecting the ORACLE.

The ORACLE is able to detect fuel flow faults as low as 0.05 gallons per minute. Keep in mind that all engines, be it 4, 6, 8 or 12 cylinders need at least 0.3 gallons per minute to operate at idle. By knowing the "Maximum Fuel Pump Delivery Rate", you are able to properly diagnose these types of problems. Also, the issue may not even be the fuel pump, but injectors, fuel lines and even certain sensors that block fuel delivery to the engine causing these low power driveability issues. The ORACLE also has a useful manual needle valve to "Test Fuel Pump Maximum Flow" on Returnless Fuel Systems, which are extremely tough the test. With the ORACLE, it's very simple to do.

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