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OBD2 Automotive Diagnostics and Auto repair troubleshooter software is a guided interactive program that’ll take you throughout the entire repair process. Using a numbered step-by-step how to approach, it is simply meant to make you a better mechanic or to fix your own car. Having the same information as the OBD2 Secret Weapon software, but made in a guided format. Useful for smog checks, OBD2 drivability issues and more.

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OBD-2 Troubleshooter
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About the OBD2 Troubleshooter Software

The OBD-2 Troubleshooter Software is a full diagnostic computer program that guides you through the diagnostics process. The software’s diagnostics approach is that of a logical and sequential algorithm (step-by-step procedure). It follows the same basic format that the ECM does when running the monitors. The OBD-2 Troubleshooter is organized in a 3 step process, with sub-steps. The actual software guides you in the right direction. To be used in conjunction with your OBD-2 Generic scanner, it is a guided interactive program. The software covers all you'll ever need during an OBD-2 repair. See Video Now…

What Issue does the OBD-2 Troubleshooter Software Solves

The OBD-2 Troubleshooter Software is a 100% guided-help diagnostic system. If you don't need the extra help, then you're advised to purchase the OBD-2 Secret Weapon found here on this site, which is meant for techs that know OBD-2 top to bottom. So, the OBD-2 Troubleshooter software lets you start from the beginning, that is, the software is a 3-Step structured process. It starts from gathering information, definitions and DTC-Code-Setting-Criteria, pending codes, monitors and how they relate to other factors. At this section you may also print reports for yourself or your customers, and get tips to the next step. Step two is a big guided section that's full of information. See the "Enlarged Screenshot Here". Step 3 is innevitable and needed and it covers reseting the monitors properly for a repair proof. This software solves the information overload issue with OBD-2 Diagnostics; it guides you with the needed information to do the job.

What if you don't have the OBD-2 Troubleshooter Software?

It is very possible that at some time in the future, you will not need the OBD-2 Troubleshooter Software. By then, you would have learnt all ther's to know about OBD-2 and you'd be a technician of OBD-2 Habit. Human beings are creatures of habit and once you develop the right procedures exposed here, you're on your way to fix 9 out of 10 issues quick and right. Can't win them all; no-one does.

NOTE: The OBD-2 Troubleshooter, as the name implies, cover all US vehicles 1996 to Present, engine and transmission. Software runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8-Pro. The OBD-2 Troubleshooter and Secret Weapon are same content software - the Troubleshooter found here on this page is more structured with guided help. The Secret Weapon found on this website is for advanced OBD-2 techs that don't need the help.

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