BMW COP Coil Pulser Tester

The BMW COP Coil Pulser and Tester is a dedicated plug and play unit, developed to cover all Mercedes yearsBMW with this same plug type connector. It is a Plug-and-Play unit, with our very own spark-gapper spark tester and coil connector, Battery cables and Ignition-Trigger output. All cables are included. Just plug the coil, press a button and done, no wait "watch the spark". Good for all 3 wire coils that are coil-on-plug units for BMW, with same shape connector. Perform a tune-up, test the coils, and make sure the vehicle won't come back. Fantastic for diagnosing misfire issues as well. Are you a DIY or Retired, this is a good tool for you. See more below.

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BMW COP Coil Tester Pulser
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MSRP $249.00                         !Now $165.00 sale price
(Complete unit including, cables and pouch.)

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5 COP TESTER Bundle Deal!
Get all our COP sets: VW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Subaru.
MSRP $725.00                         5 unit bundle DEAL Now $575.00 sale price

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Made in the USA

BMW coil tester
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BMW coil tester  BMW coil tester  BMW coil tester

BMW coil tester  BMW coil tester  BMW coil tester

BMW coil tester  BMW coil tester

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