Automotive Online Classes

Classes are done via Zoom or whatever new system is available.

Welcome to our Automotive Technology Diagnostic Online Classes center. Here we'll show you our offering for classes done inline. The auto repair world has changed dramatically. After the COVID pandemic the value of online classes and training came to the surface. The instructor here, Mandy Concepcion has been doing training and in-person seminars for many years. Now you can pick and choose your classes here. If we don't have it, we can custom make it for you.

After purchasing a class we'll get in touch with you for the class date and time. It's that simple.

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How are our Classes priced?

The basic class price structure is as follows. A one hour class is priced at $99.00 for a class currently on the schedule. A Custom-Class that's not on our schedule is priced at $145.00. If you pick from a bundled class package, then you get a lower priced package. In this case whatever the package goes for. Here are the classes and package we offer.

When picking your training class don't forget to type the class name below the price. Single classes are recomended if you've purchased one of our Equipment units and want to gain proficiency on usage/techniques. We include VIDEOS on how to use our equipment, but our classes go beyond how to use. When it comes to Custom-Classes get in touch with me at the number at bottom of every page. If you're international, use WhatsApp.

For package classes, use the list below but you'll multiply times whatever package you choose. If you're starting from scratch, don't choose a small package, we recommend you spend a bit more and get trained well. After purchasing a class, we'll get in touch with you for the class date and time.

Bundle Supporting Equipment
Type the Class Name

Copy and Paste on the "Type Class Name"above.

Class Offerings/Class Name:

  • CUSTOM CLASSES: Type the name of one of our equipment units above.

Schedule Classes

  • Voltage Drop Tests on wires, solenoids, etc
  • Current and Voltage analysis
  • Using the FUSE-PEEKER Current Probe
  • OBD-II Diagnostic Strategies/Scanner
  • RICH & LEAN Condition Diagnostics
  • Solenoid and Actuator Testing (PWM)
  • CAN Network Testing
  • Power/Ground Testing with Equipment
  • Electrical Testing: relays, fuses, wires, etc
  • Using the Oscilloscope
  • Ignition Waveform Analysis
  • Injector Waveform Analysis
  • Broken Wire Tracing and repair


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