The Automotive Fuel Injector Pulser and Testing Tool

Developed to perform fuel injector flow testing, injector cleaning and pulse width general injector health determination, like pintle opening, binding and weak springs. But most of all, to perform accurate fuel flow tests using the pulser and your fuel gauge. The unit can handle all and any fuel injector in the industry. It can generate 5, 10 and 15 mSec or milli-second pulses and can also give you 1, 2, 4, 10 or continuous pulses.

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Wow Injector Pulser Tester Set
MSRP $425.00           Sale Unit $385.01
(Complete unit including Pulser, cables and case.)

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Why we Developed the Wow Fuel Injector Pulser Tool

The ability to test fuel injectors is a must in today's "Misfire" and catalytic converter auto repair industry days. It is for this reason that we created the Wow Fuel Injector Pulser Tool, to tackle the "Very Exacting" demands of fuel injector diagnostics. The Wow Fuel Injector Pulser Tool can deliver the most precise fuel pulse in the industry. That, coupled with an accurate fuel gauge is exactly what you need to determine if the fuel injector is clogged.

What is the Issue?

The issue is that a 1 PSI injector flow difference is the key to ruling out or not the fuel injector as the culprit. So the issue is also that the flow test "NEEDS A VERY ACCURATE INJECTION PULSE". So, to do the fuel flow test you connect your trusty fuel gauge, engine OFF, cycle the key to pressurize the system, then using the Wow Injector Pulser Tool you actuate the injector.

HERE'S WHERE IT GETS TRICKY... All of today's cheap injector pulsers, like the OTC and others, will give you 50 pulses at 5 mSec. That's nowhere nearly the accuracy needed to properly test the injector, not by a long shot. Why? Because you need to pulse the injector, with the gauge pressurized, at between 1 to 10 pulses and between 5 to 15 mSec. By doing this, you may then compare your readings among all the injectors and among the tested injectors and good known injectors. A 1 PSI difference between injectors is enough to flag the injector clogged.

But, THERE'S MORE TO IT STILL... Often the injector will not show a 1 PSI difference using the cheap OTC like pulsers, because they're not accurate and can't give you the amount of pulses needed for a proper test. The Wow Injector Pulser Tool can give you a SUPER ACCURACY pulse of only 1 pulse, at 5 mSec or Milli Seconds. This level of accuracy is reserved for the newer higher impedance 4 cylinder engines, that also employ lean burn air-fuel mixture.

With the "Wow Fuel Injector Pulser Tool" you're set for now and the future of the fuel injection industry and auto repair.

Solution to the Problem! How is the Fuel Injector Pulser going to help me.

So, as you can tell, the solution to properly diagnosing the fuel injectors is an accurate fuel injector pulser, that's our tool, and your fuel gauge. The rest is to simply pay attention to your reading, recording them accurately and you're set.

The Wow Fuel Injector Pulser Tool can also be used with a scope to determine if the injector pintle is opening late, if the injector spring is weak or if it is binding. It is also a huge asset for anyone engaged in fuel injector cleaning and rebuilding. It is simply a complete tool for fuel injector diagnostic and repair.

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fuel injector pulser   fuel injector pulser

fuel injector pulser   fuel injector pulser

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