Mr. BOB DLC OBD-II Data Link Connector Breakout Box & Diagnostics Software for Network Activity Viewing

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   HUGE SALE $385.00       
HUGE SALE $385.00
(unit will be discontinued, but we'll continue supporting and updating it.)

This OBD2 breakout box with 8 Graphing Meter Scope like channels, is designed for the OBD2 DLC data link connector. Includes  OBD II protocols such as PWM, ISO, KWP2000, 9151, J1850, VPW and CAN. This not a scanner and there are no manual wire tapping connections to be made on this OBD II diagnostic port tester. The software also includes DLC pinout troubleshooting videos and OBD II diagrams. Mr BOB DLC shows you a live waveform. The software, hardware and double ended OBD-2 connectors are included. This is not a cheap AES 08-200 box with holes.  Network Repair Book sold separately.

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IMPORTANT: The purchase of Mr. BOB DLC includes the electronic breakout box (hardware), case, cables and connector. It is all included. The unit will be shipped to you. The software CD ROM and future free updates is all included. We don't charge for updates.

-$300 OFF        -$300 OFF        -$300 OFF

MSRP $685.00      HUGE SALE $385.00 (unit will be discontinued, but we'll continue supporting and updating it)

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Mr. BOB DLC already loaded and pre-configured into the Laptop. No Comm-Port settings, no Control-Panel, no issues whatsoever. Here, you're ready to tackle all Automotive Network Issues. Plus you also get the Automotive Network Repair Strategies E-book on pdf pre-loaded into the laptop. Turn this Laptop into an automotive network repair machine. Here you get:
  1. Mr BOB DLC OBD-2 Connector Electronic Breakout Box (loaded software and hardware)
  2. Automotive-Sensor-Testing E-book (pdf) ...... PLUS the accompanying DVD (plays on this laptop or your TV)
  3. Automotive-Actuator-Testing E-book (pdf) ...... PLUS the accompanying DVD (plays on this laptop or your TV)
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Already have lots of scanners and don't think you'll use the Scan-1, but find yourself having "No-Communication" network down issues? Then this is the set for you. Besides the super popular 5 book/DVD set, it also includes the "Automotive Network Testing Strategies" book, with priceless information. This is also a ready to use Laptop set.

   Mr BOB DLC automotive breakput box package  Mr BOB DLC Box

                  Connection Diagram         Mr BOB DLC

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Why we created Mr BOB DLC

In OBD2, issues with no-communication with the DLC Data Link plug ro wiring, which is a J1962 connector, are very common. The car's diagnostic connector plug, it's pins, wires or terminals are a great source of information. The OBD II or OBD2 connector holds power, chassis and ECM grounds and the communication protocol pins. The protocol pins include ISO15765-4 Can Bus, ISO14230-4 KWP2000, ISO9141-2, SAE J1850 VPW, SAE J1850 PWM, KWP2000, KW1281, VWTP, KW72 and KW82. In actuality, the protocol is not important since you're reading a signal, but the DLC Pin signal waveform is paramount. So, the OBD2 data link connector is a window to the car's electronics. Mr BOB DLC Electronic Breakout Box is the tool of choice for these kinds of automotive electronic repairs.

Why you need Mr BOB DLC

Mr BOB DLC simply turns your computer into a DLC diagnostic equipment. OBD2 diagnostics on the DLC female connector, found under the car's dash, is tough to do. The OBD II or OBD2 signals are complex and hard to measure with a multimeter. A scope or oscilloscope can be costly, so, enter Mr BOB DLC, which turns your PC or Laptop into a graphing scope-like diagnostic tool. OBD2 connections and tests are done with a double ended male and female connector plug or DLC. All DLC connector pinout or pin specifications are built into the software, so no need for more information. The data link connector DLC diagrams and help videos are built into the software.

Solution to the Problem

Mr BOB DLC diagnostic connector electronic breakout box and software is a complete vehicle network, DLC signal, PC Laptop and Windows based tool. The OBD II diagnostic software for Mr BOB DLC is a download, with the hardware sent to you by mail at no shipping cost to you. It is a J1962 DLC connector smart box, an electronic breakout box with scope like graphing meter data logging capabilities, has a scan tool adapter or OBD2 double ended male and female plug, will read EOBD enhanced signals, will capture all OBD II protocols signal waveforms and will also test you alternator and battery.

Benefits of having Mr BOB DLC

Mr BOB DLC comes with case, hardware, software, OBD2 DLC connector and USB cables. Future software updates are included, so no more update fees. The tool does the following: It is an OBD2 and EOBD DLC connector plug network signal analyzer, has an OBD II male and female double ended plug to connect to the vehicle and your own scanner, it will read all OBD2 protocol signal square waves and the OBD II protocol is not really important, the software has built-in videos that guide and help you with information, it comes with a J1962 type plug, serves as a data logger at the DLC pins and will test the alternator and battery, which is very necessary for the OBD2 diagnostic system to work properly. The software has all the OBD2 DLC pinout diagrams preset. Help and training videos are also inside the software. Mr BOB DLC turns your Windows XP, 7 and 8 Pro computer into an OBD II DLC connector diagnostic scope and analyzer tool. It's electronic breakout box capabilities make it the only tool of it's kind on the market.

Click for each Mr. BOB DLC Software screen-shots below:


Mr. BOB DLC start up screen. Here you can also seek help, view version number, website and continue button.



Just click the GREEN "Start Graphing" button (lower left) and you're ready. Mr. BOB DLC GRAPHING-SCOPE section, with 8 channels to choose from. Mr. BOB allows for up to 8 simultaneous channels to be graphed at the same time. IF THE GRAPHS ARE TOO SMALL; then no problem. Simply click the side BLUE CHANNEL button to the left to enlarge the graph. You can also go into a high speed graphing mode by clicking the RED button at the lower right. A scaling with Min/Max can also be seen in black.

Here we can see Channel-3 in the enlarged mode. By clicking the BLUE channel button to the left again, you then go back into the 8 channels mode. Is that simple.



The Power Test section, as you can see, has fully automated software fault detection logic. It is constantly monitoring the POWER FEED circuits at both, the Battery connection and DLC Pin-16 (power Pin). This alone is the cause for many communications problems. Not only does it check voltage levels, but also subtle transients, ripple, voltage glitches and more.


YES!!! Ground testing is also available, in an automated format, in Mr. BOB. You can also use Mr. BOB to test all GROUND circuits, which cover Pin-4 and Pins-5. These are very important. Pins-4 is chassis ground and Pin-5 is ECM or engine computer ground. You don't even have to connect a scan tool to Mr. BOB to test ground faults. Just connect, click the Start-Graphing button (green) and you're ready. No complicated controls to set and no learning curve.

Extensive HELP is also provided with Mr. BOB. What kind of help? Dedicated troubleshooting 1 to 3 minute videos, diagrams, and sample waves. DLC diagnostics is not complicated, but the ins and outs of the different protocols is a bit confusing. That what these videos are for.




A section fully devoted to testing Start and Alternator problems. Why and How? The DLC connector is completely tied to all power and ground circuitry in a modern vehicle. By using the right software algorithms, graphing and visual interface Mr. BOB can detect and pinpoint many impending faults. And all in an automated mode, running on the background.



Some sample waveforms are included in a special section in Mr. BOB. Although Mr. BOB is a graphing meter with scope like features, these waveforms can be used to show the differences between the different protocols.



Yes, as we promised, Mr. BOB does have an extensive arsenal of embedded 1 to 4 minute video collection. These troubleshooting videos are accessible right from Mr. BOB and play in a Windows Media Player format. Easy and simple. These videos are custome made for Mr. BOB and found nowhere else.




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