Automotive Diagnostic 8 Channel Oscilloscope


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This is the very popular Hantek Oscilloscope beefed up by us. The units that we sell have been re-enforced with extra protective electronic components. This makes them better suited for automotive purposes. We get asked, "Do you offer an oscilloscope at a reasonable price?". This particular unit has been super tested by us. We use it regularly, overly, severely, meaning it takes a beating. Why offer yet another Scope at 5 to 10 times the price. No sense these day on spending your money on expensive units that you'll never see a return on investment. After searching and even making our own scopes in the past, this is it. No sense on reinventing the wheel. We bundle this scope with our own Scope add-ons, such as the Fuse-Peeker, Vacuum and Compression Transducer, Ignition COP Probes, the Scan-1 and Me BOB DLC. Finally, the Laptop (Free), yes we don't charge for the laptop. It comes with all our Ebooks and Software. It also comes with no headaches and both, you and me. The Laptop is tested, pre-programmed and ready to go.

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This is a Hantek 8 Channel Oscilloscope with added EMI electronic protection for Heavy-Automotive use.

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(NOTE: the LAPTOP is FREE. Please, don't ask to remove it. It comes Pre-Programmed with all our Ebooks (over 50), SOFTWARE and Scope-Software. I'm not making you get a laptop, it's simply less headaches for us dealing with your PC and Software issues. We set and test everything for you, ready to go.

Oscilloscope + Laptop + Ebooks $1,345.00
Oscilloscope + Laptop + Scan1 $1,745.00
Oscilloscope + Laptop + MrBOB $1,745.00
 Oscilloscope + Laptop + FusePeeker $1,590.00
Oscilloscope + Laptop +FusePeeker + BlueVoltage $1,790.00
Oscilloscope + Laptop + VacPeek $1,830.00
Oscilloscope + Laptop + ComPeek $1,830.00
Oscilloscope + Laptop + ComPeek + VacPeek $1,975.00
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