Automotive Stress LOADED Tester (SLT)

The Stress Loaded Tester is not a simple test-light, it is part of out book "Make Your Own Diagnostic Equipment", but here we have produced an industry ready, tough unit. Why would you need the SLT? It is simple, often times you think you may have a problem with your POWER (B+) or Ground, as in excessive resistance. You then probe using your multimeter or LED test light, and you see 12.6 or B+ voltage. So, it's OK then, no issues? Well NO, that's where many techs go on the "Wrong Diagnostic Path".

By Simply PUSHING a button, you'll  stress the circuit/wiring to the max. The FUSE is rated to 10A, but most issues won't even get that high. Remember, a 1 Ohm resistance in the circuit can render your circuit, sensor, actuator faulty by dropping 0.5 Volts. That is unacceptable. The SLT connects to the Voltmeter. Push the button and see the LED and/or meter. If LED goes out, you have a problem. ie. If it goes to B+ on the meter, then the issue it ground. If it goes to Ground, then the issue is at the B+ side (rarer but happens).

Additionally and also unique is the variable resistor. It operates apart from the button. Why? Well, sometimes you have a very small resistance spot, that's hard to find. it will show when you press the button, but the VR gives you another option. By regulating the variable resistor (VR) you then know the size of the issue. With some experience you'll be able to determine if it's a relay-contact, sulfated connector, wire resistance, etc. The SLT is not a test-light, or an LED test light. It thoroughly tests the circuit for resistance spots, that cause circuit head aches of all kinds.

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Stress LOADED Tester Complete
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