Automotive Stress LOADED Testlight (SLT)

The Stress Loaded Testlight is not a simple test-light, it is a CIRCUIT-LOADING unit. Why would you need the SLT?

It is simple, often times you want to test your POWER (B+) or GROUND citcuits. You then probe using your multi-meter or LED test light, and you see 12.6 or B+ voltage. So, it's OK right no issues? ABSOLUTELY NOT, you need to STRESS or LOAD the circuit, either the POWER or the GROUND. Keep reading below for all the info.

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STRESS LOADED Testlight Complete
(Includes all cables, CD-ROM Manual and plastic carrying case)
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Stress Loaded Tester 1

By Simply PUSHING a button, you'll  stress the circuit/wiring/connectors to the max.
The unit tests all circuits at a maximum of 6 AMPS, but most issues won't even get that high. Remember, a 2 Ohm resistance/LOAD in the circuit will make your circuit issues visible. The SLT is used with your DCOM or voltmeter. Push the button and watch the BLUE-LED and meter. When LED goes out and the Meter shows voltage-drop, you have a problem. ie. If it shows a voltage higher than 0.5 on the meter, then you have an issue. You're doing a voltage drop across your circuit, while pushing the SLT button.

Additionally and also unique is the variable knob to the side of the SLT. It operates apart from the button. Why? Well, it's a TIMER (1 to 12 Seconds) Test Delay, so the test runs for as long as you want, maximum of 10 Seconds per button press. You don't want to stress the circuit longer than 12 Sec at a time. PRESS the BUTTON again, test repeats itself. The SLT is not a test-light, or an LED test light or a Power-Probe. It thoroughly tests the circuit for resistance spots that cause circuit head aches of all kinds on both power and grounds.

So, what do you get and why.

You get the SLT, all cables attached and carrying pouch. The video manual can be seen here with diagrams. There isn't much to learn about using the SLT. Here it is in a simple way.
  1. Press BUTTON and leave pressed to start the test, buzzer will start to sound (meaning test is running).
  2. The SLT applies a 6 AMP LOAD to the circuit for 1 to 12 Seconds depending on knob setting.The unit is designed to take the HEAT.
  3. While test is running (1 to 12 sec), watch the BLUE-LED go OFF and your connected Multimeter. Voltage can not drop more that 0.5 volts while LED stays ON during test.
  4. After 12 seconds max, release button, buzzer stops test is over. Press button again to repeat test. Wait at least 3 seconds between tests.

NOTE: If testing GROUND = Test & Probe between ground-circuit and 12-volts (Power). Watch for a max of 0.5 volts.
NOTE: If testing POWER = Test & probe between Power circuit and Ground. Watch for a max of 0.5 volts.

See the diagrams below for possible connecting schemes.

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Stress Loaded Tester 1   Stress Loaded Tester 2   Stress Loaded Tester 2

Stress Loaded Tester 2  Stress Loaded Tester 2  Stress Loaded Tester 2

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