Toyota-Lexus COP Coil Tester Pulser

(with IGF Indicator for 4 wire Coils)

Test Toyota and Lexus COP (Coil on Plug) ignition coils like the ECM does. This unit uses an OEM dedicated connector just like the manufacturer. No pinching or rigging the OE connector to test; and furthermore, this unit produces the exact 5 Volt (regulated) signal IGT (trigger) as in the factory ECM. A complete plug-and-play unit. All you need to do is connect to the coil, connected to the battery and press a button. This unit belongs to our Coil on Plug coil tester SERIES.

See our special and bundled purchasing options wchi also include the ZAPPER with OEM COP connectors and circuitry in it.

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Toyota-Lexus COP Coil Tester Pulser
(Includes all cables, connector, E-Manual and plastic carrying case)
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Toyota-Lexus COIL Tester Bundle

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Toyota coil tester pulser
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What You're Getting the How It Works.

While Toyota and Lexus have always been known as relatively reliable vehicles, they still suffer from ignition coil failures like any other manufacturer. When testing a coil-on-plug (COP) ignition system, one of the first steps is to understand the system operation. The location of the ignition module that actually drives ignition primary coil is located in each COP. Toyota calls this module the igniter. The PCM still decides when to fire the ignition coil based on various inputs. The PCM sends a trigger signal to the COP to fire the coil, and the module in the COP has a module to control the primary circuit. However Toyota adds a unique feature, the IGF or the Ignition Feedback channel. This ignition system with feedback can be identified by seeing a four-wire COP unit, although not all 4 wire COP units have feedback line.

Here are the 4 wires going to a Toyota COP coils:

  • IGF – Ignition Feedback, this is the feedback circuit discussed above
  • IGT – Ignition Timing, this is the signal from the PCM to fire the coil
  • B+ – Ignition switch voltage to power the ignition primary circuit
  • GND – Ground for the COP
Unique Feature of Our Toyota-Lexus COP Coil Tester Pulser.

As mentioned, when diagnosing Toyota/Lexus units, the IGF or feedback line is very imports. It is often when you have Toyota/Lexus misfire issues, you test the COP-Coil and it sparks fine, but the IGF line is shot. You might say, well I'll replace all the coils anyways. Fine, but what if you have a broken wire somewhere? That's where our coil tester comes into place. The unit has an IGF LED indicator designed specifically to detect and output an LED signal. The only way to detect this signal is with an Oscilloscope and making cumbersome connections. With our Toyota/Lexus COP Coil Tester Pulser, you test the coil, whatch the Spark and also test the IGF line. There's no other unit like it. We are known for developing new innovative auto repair diagnostic equipment, so this is our Toyota answer, at a bargain.

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