TransDoctor Electronic Transmission Repair Shifter and Breakout Box

The TransDoctor is a complete PC based automated transmission shifting device as well as a full transmission solenoid electronic break-out box. The unit allows the technician to perform in-depth diagnostics on all modern electronically controlled transmission. Itís a transmission electronic breakout-box, shifter, solenoid pulse-cleaner & trans-information system, now sold with dedicated transmission specific cable package.

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INCLUDED: The Plastic Carying Case, TransDoctor POD Box, USB Cable, Universal Cable, Impedance-Match Adapter for positive and negative triggered shift solenoids, and CD-ROM are all shipped to you via Priority-Mail. All future software updates are included.

Price $1999.99 Complete
(Latop or PC not included)

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What is the TransDoctor POD and Software

The TransDoctor is a unique diagnostic equipment meant exclusively for transmission work. It is an electronic shifter, electronic breakout box, computerized information system, solenoid-pulse-cleaner and is also fully upgradeable. The unit runs on a PC via the USB cable. You don't need to know much about computers to work with this unit. It is incredibly easy to install and upgrade. Tech-Support is also a phone call away. A further development of this tool is that it uses a universal-cable adapter. This allows manual connection of the TransDoctor to any of the supported transmission below without any extra cables. A huge advantage from other units which mandate the purchase of dedicated cables costing thousands of dollars. But, if you do enough volume it is then cost effective for you to acquire the cable/adapter set below. We are proud to announce the opening of our new cable and adapter connector manufacturing facility. It is all done in house.

Download TransDoctor Cable coverage list

The TransDoctor software is completely upgradeable via Internet updates. In less than a minute you can install any new upgrade and youíre set. Run into trouble? Weíre here for you just a phone call away. Unlike other companies our equipment is supported by real human beings.

The TransDoctor connects to the PC via USB cable. The serial number is stored on the equipment itself and not on the software. This is very important for you since you can change PCs anytime or even install the TransDoctor software on multiple PCs if needed. If your PC goes down, you own the serial number and itís yours to keep. The unit also comes with a universal transmission cable, which means that you can manually connect to the transmission without the need for dedicated cables saving you thousands of dollars. If you prefer to use dedicated cables and adapters then you may also purchase the cable and adapter set below. We give you options. You choose whatever works for you.

Obsolescence is never a problem for the TransDoctor. The unit can be updated via Internet updates. Other features to the software include a pulse-cleaning section to get your customer a bit more time on his/her current transmission, complete electronic shifting, turns the PC into a graphing meter/oscilloscope type display and monitor your shift-solenoids and vehicle speed sensors.

Another feature of this software is how photograph intensive it is. Often times the repair shop orders the electrical solenoid or component to find out, once the transmission is opened, that the part sent was the wrong one. No moreÖ now you can determine, from the real-life photos found in this software whether the part sent is the right one. Other sections also show shift and pressure control solenoids valve-body position identification, real-life valve body photographs, check-ball position when rebuilding the transmission, ability to print all information and an expanded oil-pan transmission identification section, with model, application and print-out ability. In summary, this is a complete transmission solution for electronic repairs and re-builders. Runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7, 8-Pro.

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