VW-Audi COP Ignition Coil Pulser Tester

The VW-Audi COP Tester Pulser is a dedicated OEM specific Coil-On-Plug tester pulser with the original connector. A complete Plug-and-Play unit. All you need to do is connect the unit to the battery, then to the VW-Audi Coil and press the button, that's it. Test the COP coil in the engine or outside. If testing on the outside, the unit has a Spark-Gapper to stress the coil to its maximum. see further down for more, as well as the video for it.
See below our purchasing options. You can also purchase the ZAPPER Coil Tester with all the OEM COP Coil connectors included. This is a special unit, which is the same as the normal ZAPPER with Universal Coil connector and also has the OEM connectors and circuitry in it.

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Option-1) VW/AUDI COP Coil Tester Complete
(Includes OEM VW/AUDI Connector)
MSRP $285.00                  VW/AUDI COP Coil Tester $225.00 sale price

VW-Audi COIL Tester Bundle

Option-2) 5 COP TESTER Bundle Deal!
Get all our COP sets: VW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Subaru.

MSRP $725.00                         5 unit bundle DEAL Now $575.00 sale price

Option-3) Special ZAPPER Deal
(ZAPPER with Universal Cable + 7 Connector)
(This deal includes the VW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda ,Subaru & Mercedes connectors. It also includes the regular ZAPPER with it's Universal Alligator clips connector that you can attach to anything.)
MSRP $2200.00                Now $1225.00 Sale Price (most complete unit)

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What is the VW Audi COP Coil Pulser Tester?

It is eactly what the tittle says, a dedicated OEM Connector and signal COP (Coil-on-Plug) Tester and Pulser for the VW Audi line of coils. It is a plug-and-Play unit with an OEM factory specific connector that plugs right into the coil and done. The output signal is customized just for these coils, which emply a 4 terminal/wire connector. These coils have an Igniter/ignition module built into the unit, so this is that best and fastest way to test them. Test the COP coils in the car or putside. If testing in the car for a preliminary spark, disconnect the injector main connector and crank the engine to flush all unburnt fuel in the cylinders. Then press the unit's button and listen for a spark.

The unit is also built with a side SPARK-GAPPER spark tester to see the spark and stress the COP Coil to it's maximum. You may also separate the spark-gapper rods for an even more stressful test. That's when presented with those ignition misfire codes very common with these VW Audi COP Coils. See the videos and photos and feel free to give us a call or Email for more information. We're also on WhatsApp for international customers.

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