What's Coming from Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing

Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing is a developer and inventor of cutting edge auto repair electronic diagnostic equipment. These are the projects we're currently working on and what's about to be released in the near future... Enjoy.

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The ECM-Ghost

ECM Ghost LogoSee our ECM-Ghost page on Pinterest. Under development... ETA later 2014...

The ECM-Breakout-Box connects between the car's ECM or computer and wiring harness, links via-USB to a Laptop and runs dedicated analysis software. Scanner, trigger injectors, solenoids and actuators, view all sensor signal waveforms, up to 8 channels scope, complete bi-directional control, let the unit check voltage, current and resistance on all applicable ECM-pins with the push of a button and more.

Auto Scope-1 Automotive Engine Analyzer and Oscilloscope

The Auto Scope-1 Automotive Engine Analyzer and Oscilloscope is the most complete scope on the market. Loaded with all the needed add-ons to be able to work on cars. The unit is offered with the FUSE-Peeker current probe, compression/pressure transducer, vacuum transducer, secondary ignition probes and more...

AFR Wide-Band O2 sensor Low Current Probe

ABS Solenoid Bleeder Tester

PC-Based EFFGA Electronic Fuel Flow Gauge Analyzer

PIEZOMAN Electronic Piezoelectric Fuel Injector Pulser Tester

16 Channel Scope Converter (convert 1 scope channel to accept 16 inputs)

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