Automotive Compression Peek Transducer Probe with 8 Channel Oscilloscope

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This automotive compression transducer measures dynamic (action) compression as it is happening. You can use the automotive compression transducer probe with your own scope or the Scope-1, which also has "Signalator" technology. You may also use the Comp-Peek-Probe with the included Oscilloscope software provided your PC can handle it. Read on further to understand what this means.  Get the manual now...

Note: that the Compression-Peek-Transducer is NOT a compression gauge. Is does not measure static compression, but outputs a dynamic (action) waveform.
Note: The Comp-Peek and Scope Bundle seen below involves the 8 Channel Automotive-Reinforced Hantek Scope seen here on this site.

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(Good for Gasoline & Diesel engines.)
(Includes all cables, Scope-Circuit, Scope-Software, CD-ROM Manual and plastic carrying case)

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(NOTE: The included Oscilloscope software operation depends on your PC sound card's capabilities.)
Made in the USA

===> Download CompPeekXducer Manual here... <===
automotive compression peek transducer

Now all Comp-Peek-Probes are full aluminum units with basic Scope Software that uses your PC audio input...

automotive compression probe 9
Watch these Comp-Peek videos below to see how it all works.

What do you get?
  1. Comp-Peek-Probe
  2. Carrying Case
  3. Spark-Plug 14mm Adapter Hose (other hose adapters not included. $15 at Amazon)
  4. Signal Conditioning Box with cables (box has small knob to control signal strength)
  5. Complete PC Based Software (FREE with Probe). Note: Runs on your sound card. Some SC do not have the capability to run this scope software.

Makes for a complete out of the box solution. Nothing else needed. (18mm spark-plug adapter for Ford 5.4L and few others not included. Cheap from Amazon.)

About the Comp-Peek-Probe-SCOPE Software (included)

The newly developed Comp-Peek-Probe Oscilloscope hardware, with included free software is an industry first. The Comp-Peek-Probe can be used with any oscilloscope, but the scope software part of it is meant only for the Comp-Peek-Probe. So you can't use the included oscilloscope by itself. It is a matched set, Comp-Peek-Probe-and-Scope. Furthermore, the scope software runs on your PC's sound card. Not all PC are able to run this program.

Here we created the right electronics to work with the Comp-Peek-Probe. The Comp-Peek-Probe-Scope box and software runs on your Windows XP, 7, 8 laptop/desktop and has the right filtering circuitry and signal conditioning needed. The included free software gets the Comp-Peek-Probe signal and shows you the waveform, which you can save to the hard-drive if you want. The Comp-Peek-Probe Scope is a dual channel unit that you can synch to another signal, like a vacuum transducer. So, with this package you're set to diagnose and analyze automotive compression signals. All you need extra is a vacuum transducer if you want it, but not needed.

Why we created the Automotive Compression Peek Transducer Probe

The automotive compression transducer is a dynamic compression sensor developed for the Scope 1, but can also be used with your own Scope. Why for the Auto Scope 1? Well, the Scope 1 has a special software algorithm called "Signalator", which is an automated fault recognition feature. You set the Scope 1 and it'll record, capture, analyze and point the issue to you without any intervention on your part. So, we needed a special set of specification baseline to work with Signalator. Other than that, it'll perform what it was meant to do on your own scope, minus the automatic fault capture of course.

Why you need the Compression Transducer

Using the good old compression gauge is fine; there's nothing wrong with it. However, a compression gauge gives you a maximum reading, not the running minute compression signature that this compression transducer does. This scope add-on sensor peeks into the engine in a very deep way. With it, you can determine intake and exhaust valve opening, seal, weak springs and virtually anything related to the valve train. How hard is it to read the signal? It take a bit of practice, but the compression peek transducer probe comes with it's own easy to read manual. Within a few days you'll get the hang of it.

Solution to your problem

Ever had that pesky "Misfire" problem that won't go away? That's what the compression peek transducer probe is for. A misfire could be caused by ignition, injection or mechanical. Often times it's better to do an ignition test or an injector leak-down clog test, when accessible. But often it will take much longer to do any of these diagnostic tests. If you only had a compression gauge, a weak or crappy valve seal won't show up on the gauge, but it'll pop-up "Right Away" on the compression peek transducer probe signal output. That is the power of a transducer like this one and at a price that won't break the bank.

The benefits of the Automotive Compression Transducer

The benefits of using the compression peek transducer are quicker and cleaner diagnostics of pesky misfire codes. Determining after another repair shop's tune-up procedure what the true cause of the issue is and verifiable with the signal. This add-on to your own Scope is the difference between properly tracking a misfire or not. It'll pay for itself in the first repair.

Automotive Compression Peek Transducer Screenshots

(Click Image to Enlarge)
engine compression waveform  engine compression waveform  engine compression waveform

automotive_compression_transducer_probe_files/CompPeekWave_1  compression waveform 2  compression waveofrm 3

  compression waqveform 4  compression waveform 5  compression waveform 6

    Following are Pics for the Aluminum Comp-Peek-Probe

automotive compression transducer  automotive compression transducer  automotive compression transducer

automotive compression transducer  automotive compression transducer  automotive compression transducer

automotive compression transducer  automotive compression transducer  automotive compression transducer

  automotive compression transducer 1  automotive compression transducer

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