Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe Misfire Testing and Engine Analyzer for Your Own Scope

The Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe, although made for the Scope-1, works with any other oscilloscope. Turn your auto lab oscilloscope, such as Fluke, Vantage, Modis, Pico, Tectronix or any other scope into the closest thing to an engine analyzer, at a bargain. Perform misfire diagnosis and repair quick and easy. See what it's all about below.

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Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe
(Includes all cables, CD-ROM Manual and plastic carrying case)

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automotive ignition probe

Why we created the Scope-1 Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe

Automotive Ignition Secondary voltage analysis has for many decades been the cornerstone of air-fuel and engine performance diagnostics. But, during the last few decades the art of ignition secondary diagnostics and declined. This is mostly due to the complexity of systems (COP, DIS, Internal-Module, etc) and the lack of reputable training. Secondary ignition analysis is a must when it comes to proving air-fuel mixture, misfires, performance, idle quality, loaded take off and dozens of scenarios. It is for this reason that the Scope-1 Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe was created.

Why you need the Automotive Secondary Ignition Probes

Do you deal with misfire issues? When a car comes into your repair shop for an oil change, how do you know the ignition system is right? Even if it's your can, how do you know the combustion is at peak performance? It is estimated that 70% of engine performance issues are due to an air-fuel imbalance. But what does A/F issues have to do with ignition? Everything... By analyzing the ignition patterns, you know if the mixture is lean or rich, spark-plug-wire-boot performance, piston compression health, valve-train integrity and virtually any other mechanical or ignition electrical issue. You can use our "Automotive Secondary Ignition Probes" with your own scope; turning it into an engine analyzer without braking the bank. Or you can use these probes with the Scope-1 with "Signalator" software module technology, which is an automatic ignition signal fault detection system.

Solution to your problem

So, what does our Automotive Secondary Ignition Probes do for you? Here's the run down: Allows you to do an analysis and prove to yourself or your customer the integrity of the ignition parts, determine LEAN or RICH air-fuel mixture (clogged injectors, etc), determine compression of a running engine, detect valve train issues, analyze defective coils and diagnose any kind of primary electrical fault to the ignition system.

The benefits of the Automotive Secondary Ignition Probes

Can be used with any scope, turns your scope into an engine analyzer, record ignition waveforms are proof to your customers, use the park line as a guide to air-fuel and compression issues. These probes are rugged, have internal attenuation and filtering circuitry so no extra adapters to buy, comes with super tough BNC to BNC shielded cables and connectors, comes with BCN to Banana adapter (just in case your scope uses such connector), can be used with the included COP and DIS adapters (so no COP-DIS adapter to buy). These probes together with your own scope or Scope-1 and your scanner, makes for a complete automotive repair shot arsenal. You'll be able to do 95% of all automotive engine performance issues, so here you can have a complete system.

Automotive Secondary Ignition Probe Screenshots

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automotive secondary ignition probe 1    automotive secondary ignition probe  automotive secondary ignition probe 4

automotive secondary ignition probe 5  automotive secondary ignition probe 6  automotive secondary ignition probe 7 

automotive secondary ignition probe 8  automotive secondary ignition probe 9  ignition cable 2

  COP adapter 4    COP adapter 6  useless auto ignition

  ignition probe cables  ignition probe cables 2    ignition cable 1
Only one probe with purchase. Multi-Probe shown for reference.

    ignition cable 3 

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