Electronics Custom Design Work

Here at Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing we do customized electronic circuits. That can also include the finished PCB and the enclosure. There are 2 options for custom circuits:

Option 1: New Custom Circuit or Original Equipment, Whether you're a company, inventor, DIY or anyone needing a custom electronic gadget, we're here. At present, there are very few businesses that do this sort of thing, but we do. The minimum fee required to start any project is $1500.00. We don't charge by the hour, just flat fees. Lots of small projects won't go too far beyond that, but it all depends of the size of the project. Give us a call so we can discus your particular project.

Option 2: Modify a circuit or equipment we already make. This is the most cost effective option for small inventors, which means, if you need a circuit that does something we already make, but modified; then option 2 is the way to go. The cost is the amount of the gadget we already make, plus a custom fee of $500 for the modifications. The fee is for the amount of work to be done and complexity. We can even combine two of our circuits into something that does what you need; in which case you'll pay for both circuits, plus the custom fee. Give us a call to discus your particular needs.

Things That We Can Do

We have extensive experience on the following fields of electronics and computer programming. These also include a very important aspect, "The integration of hardware and software". Whatever your company, project or inventor needs are, here's are some of those needs.

  • PWM controlled solenoids, motors, actuators and coils
  • Digital electronics and pulse control
  • Serial automation network (such as CAN) communication
  • Wireless projects
  • Home-Automation software and hardware
  • Automotive diagnostic tools
  • Motor control and robotics
  • Assembly line electronic control for mechanical automation
  • Sensor feedback control
  • Microprocessor based control and sensing
  • Arduino, Raspberry-Pi and Beaglebone SoC projects
  • Light, sound, ultra-sound, detection, video over IP projects
  • Software and Hardware integration

If you need something, we can design it for you. You get the finished working design and PCB. All you then do is mass order and market your project, good luck.

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electronics design service
Make your design or invention work for you.

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