ECM-Ghost™ Automotive Electronic Breakout Box

The ECM-Breakout-Box connects between the car's ECM or computer and wiring harness, links via-USB to a Laptop and runs dedicated analysis software. Scanner, trigger injectors, solenoids and actuators, view all sensor signal waveforms, up to 8 channels scope, complete bi-directional control, let the unit check voltage, current and resistance on all applicable ECM-pins with the push of a button and more.

(The ECM-Ghost is now under development. The ECM-Ghost is an advanced piece of equipment, and although compared to any OEM scanner, is at least 40% less, it is not cheap. The possibilities however are out of this world for any automotive repair shop. You’ll be the king of your neighborhood.

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Short Summary

What is the ECM-Automotive-Breakout-Box and what does it do.

The ECM-Ghost Electronic Breakout Box is about developing a way to view what a car's computer (ECM) is doing and seeing. The current state of automotive repair is this: The technician relies on calculated data from a code-reader/scan-tool. The auto-repair tech has no access to the ECM pins, unless he disassembles the wiring harness to uncover the wires and probe using an oscilloscope or multimeter. The ECM-Ghost Electronic-Breakout-Box solves all that. It allows the tech to view any ECM pin or up to 8 pins at ounce. He can pick and choose from a maximum of 124 pins. The ECM-Breakout-Box is connected between the ECM and wiring harness through dedicated Block-Connectors.

The magnitude of this device is huge. It takes hours for an auto-repair tech to run the needed electrical tests on a modern car. With the ECM-Ghost Electronic-Breakout-Box running a dedicated software on the connected PC/Laptopand access to all ECM pins, virtually over 200 tests can be run in a matter of under 1 minute. Years of automotive troubleshooting experience went to develop the needed algorithms for these tests.

To finalize, the ECM-Breakout-Box is composed of 3 parts:

1)     The multiplexer-data-acquisition box.

2)     The dedicated Connector-Blocks, which we manufacture. These OEM Block-Connectors can not be purchased from the manufacturer, so we make them.

3)     The software running on the PC/Laptop, which is the heart of the system. All the intelligence will be found there. The ECM-Ghost allows auto repair technicians to diagnose issues at least 10 times faster. In many ways, the equipment will also pinpoint the issue, since it has access to all the ECM or engine computer pinout wires.

Why is it so valuable?

Auto-repair diagnostic done much faster. Takes the guessing out of electric testing. Why? Because the electrical tests are done right away, faster and automatically.

Special algorithms will drive the main software running on the PC/Laptop that's connected to the ECM-Breakout-Box electronics. No machine now can do what the ECM-Ghost Electronic-Breakout-Box does, not even the manufacturer specific or OEM dealer scanner.

I developed the Scan-1 with many built-in algorithms. I also developed the TransDoctor and Mr. BOB DLC, used on automotive transmissions and Mr.BOB is a smaller breakout box used on the OBD-2 diagnostic connector for network issues. As you can see, we have the experience and made the ECM-Ghost Breakout-Box a reality. We make connectors for other equipment such as the TransDoctor, but the sheer amount of connectors needed for this machine is much greater and we're glad to anounce that we make all of them.  Once we digitize the connectors (make a 3D model of them) then our machines can do the rest.

Get the word out about the ECM-Ghost Electronic-Breakout-Box. Tell people about this unit. Share on Facebook or other social site. We appreciate your interest if you got this far on your reading this webpage. Keep in touch and stay tuned.

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These units represent the highest standard in automotive equipment. We're proud to design and manufacture the Scan-1™, Scope-1™, TransDoctor™, Mr. BOB DLC™, and ECM-Ghost™ (under development) here in America.

(For more information or to place an order call us at the Contact-Us number.)


Windows XP, Vista and 7, 8 & 10 compatible



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