ETC Electrothrottle Electronic Throttle Control Actuator and Solenoid Tester


The ELECTROTHROTTLE was developed from the ground up as a modern DC-Motor actuated electronic throttle control actuator and tester. The ELECTROTHROTTLE has two frequency settings, 400Hz and a 20,000Hz (20KHz) PWM control mode. The 400Hz mode allows for all solenoids testing; and also used to test ETC throttles as a "Rebuilder's" mode. The 20KHz frequency mode is the normal ETC actuation mode. Read on to find out more...

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(Includes all cables, CD-ROM Manual and plastic carrying case)
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electrothrottle ETC actuator

What is the ELECTROTHROTTLE ETC Electronic Throttle Actuator Tester?

Here's an automotive diagnostic tools designed from the beginning as a full electronic throttle control and solenoid unit. Using the same circuitry as the automobile ECM, this unit is tough, made to last and extremely accurate. It can actuate the ETC electronic throttle with a fine tuned precision needed to be able to test the internal dual TPS sensors. It is also needed and useful when cleaning the throttle body plates. Here are possible uses for the ELECTROTHROTTLE:

  • When cleaning the electronic throttle body plates.
  • To be able to find sluggish and binding ETC electronic throttle mechanisms and gears.
  • To test the ETC throttle body "Return Spring", which over time weakens and causes issues.
  • A useful "ETC Rebuilder's" 400Hz setting actuated the ETC a few times per second, thereby performing a month's worth of activity in 10 minutes.
  • Whenever you need a secure way to open the throttle body and not to worry about your fingers.
  • If you need to test all sorts of solenoids with the 400Hz setting, like the transmission pressure control solenoid, shift solenois, EVAP purge and vent valves, PWM hydraulic solenoids and any other 12 PWM operated electric valve.
  • PWM Duty-Cycle controlled motors, such as PWM radiator fan motors, AC Blower Motors and other DC PWM controlled motors.
  • Used to test ETC internal Dual or Triple TPS (throttle position sensors).
  • The Fine-Tuning of the 20,000Hz (20KHz) PWM Duty-Cycle control signal is above the resonant audible frequency of the human ear. It is also absolutely important when doing "Very slow ETC throttle actuation" to determine if there is a blind spot at the TPS or throttle position sensor. 
  • Work on the ETC system with confidence that you will not create other ETC issues with the ECM settings.
  • Work with the Key OFF and Engine OFF, so no danger of messing up the ETC drivability memory and causing a limp-in mode.

As you can see, the ELECTROTHROTTLE ETC Electronic Throttle Actuator Tester is a one and only diagnostic unit. You can also use it in conjunction with a graphing meter (Vantage) or Scope to monitor the signal and analyze the motor's general health.

In general terms, cleaning the throttle body is a must. Moving and manually operating the ETC electronic throttle body plates, while the ECM is commanding it to open is "A BIG NO". You will create more problems, since the ECM will detect an ETC error, set a code and the vehicle goes into limp in mode. With the ELECTROTHROTTLE you "Disconnect the ETC connector and place the ECM out of the picture". It's that simple. A useful tool for 21st century ETC systems.

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              ETC actuator 2

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