New ZAPPER INDUSTRIAL Automotive Ignition Coil Pulser and Tester (Version 2)

The Zapper Industrial Automotive Ignition Coil Pulser and Tester, version two, is meant to allow you to activate and pulse all kinds of ignition coils on a bench. Test all available coils found on the market today. The Zapper coil testing bed and pulser allows testing of COP or Coil On Plug, DIS, Distributor Coils, Coil Packs and any other coil system. It also allows testing of COP coils with internal driver within the coil. The Zapper is a unique tool and all you'll ever need to test and diagnose ignition and misfire problems.

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Complete Zapper-Coil-Pulser-Tester (Including Metal-Test-Base )
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(ZAPPER with Universal Cable + 7 Connector)
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Why we Developed the Wow Fuel Injector Pulser Tool

Ignition issues and misfires comprise over 40% of issues. Couple with AF or Air-Fuel imbalance faults, these two account for 80% of most automotive power-train repair issues. The Zapper Ignition Coil Pulser and Tester was created just for bench testing all kinds of ignition coils.

Why not just use the scanner to pulse the coil (assuming you have that scan capability and the vehicle supports it)?

The Zapper Coil Pulser Tester can control both, the Frequency and Dwell of the pulse. The frequency can be though of as the RPM and the Zapper Coil Pulser Tester can go from 800 to 2000 RPM. It can also control coil Dwell or Pulse-Width and will go between 0.5 mSec to 2 mSec. This range is a safe one for all coils. Why? Because all coils pulse width ranges between 0.5 and 4 mSec, but even at it's widest, the Zapper can safely pulsate any coil with precision. If the coil pulse width is too wide, it will overheat and not pulse properly, with barely a spark present.

Coils need the CORRECT PULSE-WIDTH or they won't respond properly. If the pulse width is too wide, the coil will over-saturate and not build the strong magnetic field needed to produce a nice spark. The Zapper Coil Pulser and Tester circuitry is high precision and properly calibrated for all coils today that operate on 12 volts.

So, we developed this tool to allow you to STRESS-TEST Ignition Coils on a bench.

What is the Issue?

The issue is cracked and coil carbon tracking, along with other electrical faults. Coils develop what's called carbon tracking, which is almost invisible. The Zapper Ignition Coil Pulser and Tester allows bench testing the coils at a maximum of 2000 RPM and at varying pulse widths. Any issues will show up like this:

CARBON-TRACKING (most common) will Arc Though to the Grounded Test-Base.
Weak Coil will not be able to jump the GAP Tester.
Welded Coil Windings will also cause a weak spark.
Determine of the spark is Arching across the Boot or the Coil body itself.
STRESS Test the Coil to uncover heating issues within 5 to 10 seconds. That's all you need.
Test Coil SPEED PERFORMANCE at 2000 RPM and 0.5 mSec, high frequency and pulse width.
Use the SPARK GAP-TESTER to uncover most issues even at low RPM and Mid-Pulse-Width or 1 mSec.
Perform a Complete Coil Test on COP, DIS, Dist and all Coils-Driver combos.

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COil Pulser Tester 7  COil Pulser Tester 9  COil Pulser Tester 10

COil Pulser Tester 10

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