Automotive PWM Bi Directional Controller Driver

The Automotive PWM Bi-Directional Controller and DRIVER is a complete auto-repair and diagnostic tool meant to power high current loads (up to 60 Amps) and also trigger low voltage controller modules. Control just about anything. You have complete control over the output signal. Control all: amplitude, frequency and duty-cycle. Not all devices use the same PWM frequency. That makes this the market's only PWM Bi-Directional Controller fit for controlling all electrical components available on automobiles today. Read more to see how it works.

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Universal PWM Bi-Directional Controller
(Includes all cables, CD-ROM Manual and plastic carrying case)
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automotive pwm controller driver

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What is the PWM Bi-Directional Controller?

The PWM Bi-Directional Controller does a few things, but it does them very well. The PWM Bi-Directional Controller has two outputs, a low current-variable-voltage and a high-current output. The High-Current output is a 60 Amp out 12 volt full PWM Duty Cycle controlled out. It is able to control any high current low resistance LOAD. Here are components that can be directly controlled by the PWM Bi-Directional Controller High-Current 60Amp Outut:
  1. Cooling Fan motors
  2. Air Conditioner Blower motors
  3. Any and all solenoids
  4. EVAP-Purge
  5. Transmission Pressure Control valve-solenoids
  6. Variable Speed Fuel Pumps
  7. Idle Control valves
  8. A/C Condenser Fans
  9. New Freon Compressor Swash-Plate solenoids
  10. Any LOAD up to 60 Amps of current
  11. 60 Amp output is short protected for 5 to 8 seconds
  12. Yellow SHORT light indicator (goes OFF when there is a complete short
The PWM Bi-Directional Controller also has a LOW-CURRENT VARIABLE VOLTAGE OUTPUT. This means that the PWM Bi-Directional Controller can control other modules. In today's automotive systems, almost all cars have modules with internal DRIVERS in them. That means that the transistor in inside the controller itself and the ECM provides a control signal to it. That's when the PWM Bi-Directional Controller comes into play. The PWM Bi-Directional Controller provides a fully variable output voltage signal that is also PWM Duty Cycle controlled. It means that the unit can be matched to whatever the ECM or control signal needs to be. You know this from your service tech manual, Alldata or Mitchell system. If you don't have this information available, then simply connect the PWM Bi-Directional Controller to the controlled module and start at the 3 volt mark and go up from there. Most modules are controlled at about 5 volts. The PWM Bi-Directional Controller has a 0 to 8 volt range, which is all that's needed to control any module available today. Here's what the PWM Bi-Directional Controller low current signal provides:

  1. Complete variable voltage output (0 to 8 volts regulated with variable frequency and duty cycle)
  2. Variable frequency from 200Hz to 10KHz
  3. Variable voltage output from 0 to 8 volts
  4. Variable Duty-Cycle from 0% to 100% (rock solid)
  5. Ability to control any internal module DRIVER transistor
  6. Low current control output is completely short protected

Want FULL BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL? The PWM Bi-Directional Controller is the answer. No other automotive repair and diagnostics gadget gives you more.

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PWM Bi Directional Controller  pwm bi directional controller

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