Bangger COP Ignition Probes with Oscilloscope

(Yes, we now offer this unit with a Pre-Programmed 8-Channel Oscilloscope and Laptop (with all our Ebooks and Software)

The Bangger Ignition Probe uses Inducto-Capacitive-Resistive technology to acquire the ignition signal from the coil. There is also attenuation circuitry inside the probe itself. These probes are different than the other probe we also make, in that they were created for today's COP systems. These ignition probes work with the 8 Channel Scope offered here. Or you can also use these with your own scope. See the bundled deals below.

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Cylinder (Bangger) COP Ignition Probe Set
(Includes all cables, CD-ROM Manual and plastic carrying case)

Bundle Supporting Equipment

BUNDLED DEAL BREAKDOWN: Now also offering Oscilloscope DEAL.

1 COP Banger Unit $185.00
4 COP Banger Units (20% Off) $592.00
8 COP Banger Units (25% Off) $1,110.00
12 COP Banger Units (25% Off) $1,692.00
Oscilloscope + Laptop + 4Banger  $1,790.00

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8 bangger ignition probe 8

Bangger ignition probe logo

8 bangger ignition probe 8

8-Bangger 4, 8 and 12 Secondary (COP) Ignition Probe Set

What is the 8-Bangger Ignition Probe?

Originally we wanted to design an ignition probe kit that included 8 probes for an eight cylinder engine. We already have the clap-On "Secondary Ignition Probe", which works on all ignition systems, but is more suited for wired distributor and DIS systems. So we wanted to offer a, much needed, COP ignition probe for use with your oscilloscope or the Scope-1 Intelligent Signal Fault Recognition system. The Scope-1, having "Signalator" technology, needs the deterministic nature of our custom made probes. We just can't rely on off the shelf probes for "Signalator" to work properly, so hence these probes were developed.

What's the difference between the 8-Bangger probes and what's out there?

In one word "Sensitivity" and "Especially Developed for COP" systems; well actually in a few words. Yes, the 8-Bangger Ignition Probes were developed and tested over a period of more that a year and a half for work with COP (Coil-On-Plug) systems. They even have a removable suction cup to attach on top of some of the COP coils. You may also use sticky double sided tape or any other non-metalic way to have the probes stay in place. By the way, the 8-Bangger probe does come in 4, 8 and 12 cylinder sets for your convenience and these probes are also good for older Distributor and DIS, and obviously COP systems.

The benefits of the 8-Bangger Ignition Probe set.

It is simple, if you need COP designed specific ignition probes, then the 8-Bangger sets are your best bet. They can also be used to wired distributor and DIS systems, but for that we recommend our other "Secondary Ignition Probe" since it's made to wrap around the ignition wires and it's tuning is a lot wider to capture secondary wired signals. Do you need both of our ignition secondary probes? It all depends on what kind of systems you work on and the geographic area you're in right now.

bangger ignition probe   bangger ignition probe

8 bangger ignition probe 1   8 bangger ignition probe 2

8 Bangger Ignition Probe 3   Bangger ignition probe logo

8 bangger ignition set 4

8 bangger ignition probe set

COP ignition secondary probe

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