Automotive Fuse Peeker Current Probe for Testing Injectors, Coils, Solenoids and most components

The FUSE PEEKER Automotive Fuse Current Probe works with your own scope, the Auto Scope 1 or any other type of oscilloscope, even a Multimeter set to AC. It uses magnetic sensor technology, which is accurate and safe for your tool. It can detect small amounts of current as small as 1 milli-amps. But the best feature is its low signal to noise and it's speed. It is able to detect an injector pintle opening, as well as a fuel pump motor spinning. It is that accurate, and right from the car's fuse-box.

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Automotive FUSE PEEKER
(Includes all cables, CD-ROM Manual and plastic carrying case)
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Why we created the FUSE-Peeker.

The FUSE-Peeker was created as an answer to finding issues using current-ramping techniques. Current Ramping is the ability to analyze current flow to detect faulty issues.

What is the Issue?

Imagine you have a fuel flow or a transmission fluid flow issue. Both of these components, the fuel injector and the transmission shift solenoid can be diagnose "Faster" and "Reliable" using the Fuse-Peeker. The procedure is simple, remove the fuel injector or shift solenoid FUSE. Then, connect the Fuse-Peeker in place of the fuse. Now, that's faster than any other technique you know. The Fuse-Peeker is like a normal Clamp-On Amp Probe, but way more accurate and easier to read. It is also able to detect minute issues, such as injector/solenoid valve needle-pintle opening, shorted windings, motor issues, and virtually any other current driven actuator component issue.

Solution to the Problem! How's the Fuse-Peeker going to help me.

The solution is the Fuse-Peeker that can either be "Used with your own oscilloscope like a Vantage/Fluke/Pico" or with our own "Scope-1" which uses automated signal fault recognition technology (Signalator). The Fuse Peeker by itself helps you in the following ways:

  1. Simple remove and connect the Fuse-Peeker in place of the fuse, saving you lots of time.
  2. Ever used those clamp-on Amp probes? They're not that sensitive right? The Fuse-Peeker uses current amplification technology. It is driver by 5 volts from the car's battery.
  3. It has it's own 5-volt voltage regulator, so it's very stable.
  4. No dis-assembly required, since it's only - remove the fuse and install the Fuse-Peeker.
  5. You can also use the Fuse-Peeker somewhere else other than the fuse panel using the alligator clip cable lead. So, say a cooling fan motor, just disconnect and use the Fuse-Peeker in series.
  6. The Fuse-Peeker has its own guided software to help you interpret the signal, but it's independent. So, no need to use the software if you don't want to.
  7. If the guided software is not good enough, then the "Signalator" Scope-1 software (not included) module is the answer.

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This is what you get (Hardware and Software)

fuse peeker box 1  fuse peeker box 2  fuse peeker 3

fuse peeker 4  fuse peeker 5 FUSE PEEKER  FUSE PEEKER

Automotive Fuse Peeker Current Probe 1 

FUSE PEEKER   fuse peeker

How can I get the Fuse-Peeker

Getting the Fuse-Peeker is a simple affair. When you purchase the Fuse-Peeker you'll get a download link for the guided software (check your spam bin just in case). You don't need the guided software to use the Fuse-Peeker, but it'll help you with interpreting the signals. Examples would be:

  • Injector signal waveform needle pintle opening causing lean condition, engine performance, misfires.
  • Cooling fan motor issues, where the car runs hotter, but the fan seems normal.
  • Solenoid operation somewhat like an injector but different, causing say, transmission shifting issues due to a few shorted windings.
  • Fuel pump rotational speed issues giving you perfect fuel pressure, but low fuel flow and causing erratic engine operation.
  • Ignition coil causing low saturation and spark, therefore, misfire issues.

As said, after purchase you get the download link and we'll mail you the hardware, meaning the Fuse-Peeker, case, cables and fuse-substitute adapter, with shipping included. That's it... done.

More About the Features and Benefits of the Fuse-Peeker.

Ok, so you get the idea of what the Fuse-Peeker is now. It is an inline fuse or alligator clip substitution current probe. It saves you time on not having to dis-assemble components to test them. It allows to do all tests from the fuse panel, using substitution. You can use the Fuse-Peeker somewhere else other than the fuse panel, but using the included alligator clips in series (inline) with the component (solenoid, motor, etc). It is many times more accurate than the currently available clamp-on Amp probes. It comes with a guided software, meant to help you interpret and connect the Fuse-Peeker. After you purchase the unit, the software download link is sent to you within 1 to 10 minutes (check your spam bin in case it's sent there). The Fuse-Peeker shipping cost is included with the purchase. All cables and adapters are included. All future software updates are also included, so no update costs. The Fuse-Peeker can be used with your own oscilloscope or Vantage/Fluke like graphing meter. The Fuse-Peeker integrates with something called, "The Signalator" software module, which is part of our designed and developed automotive engine analyzer and oscilloscope. The "Signalator" software module, gets the signal data from the Fuse-Peeker and tells you what the issue is all about. You may find out more about the "Signalator" technology here on our site.

If you have any other questions go to this website's "Main Page" and click "Contact Us" at the bottom, for our phone-number and e-mail address. Enjoy...

See more about the Scope-1 here.

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