Automotive Vacuum Peek Transducer Probe with 8 Channel Oscilloscope from Hantek

Measure dynamic vacuum and fuel pressures. Here's our super deal Automotive Vacuum Peek Transducer Probe with additional Scope Software. If you already have a scope then fine, but it can also be used with our Scope-1 and any other lab oscilloscope including Fluke, Vantage, Pico, Techtronix, etc. The Vac-Peek-Probe and Scope also comes with it's own manual CD-ROM video, which helps you understand how to use it. NOTE: The Vacuum-Peek-Transducer is not a gauge. It is a transducer and works by outputting a dynamic waveform; so the engine has to be running. It reads vacuum as well as fuel pressure changes. It also works at the exhaust, by reading the subtle exhaust back-pressure. 

Note: that the Compression-Peek-Transducer is NOT a compression gauge. Is does not measure static compression, but outputs a dynamic (action) waveform.
Note: The Scope Bundle seen below involves the Automotive-Reinforced Hantek Scope seen here on this site.

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(Includes scope-software, all cables, CD-ROM video and plastic carrying case

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Automotive Vacuum Transducer Probe

About the Vac-Peek-Probe-Scope kit

The newly developed Vac-Peek-Probe scope software, is included and free software; an industry first. We know most of you don't have the resources to invest thousands on an Oscilloscope just for when you use it. So, we went ahead and released a software for the Vac-Peek-Transducer-Probe. This oscilloscope is only meant to be used with the Vac-Peek-Probe, not by itself. Also the Vac-Peek-Probe may be used with any other oscilloscope.

The included free software communicates with the Vac-Peek-Probe Hardware and shows you the waveform, which you can save to the hard-drive. The Vac-Peek-Probe Scope is a dual channel unit that you can synch to the desired cylinder using channel-2. So, with this package, you're set to diagnose and analyze automotive vacuum and exhaust signals. It can also be used with a fluid diaphragm to analyze fuel injector opening and other subtle tiny pressure changes.

Why we created the Automotive Vacuum Transducer Probe (Vac-Peek-Probe)

There are a million and one situations where the Vacuum/Pressure Transducer is the only choice of tool to use or the one with the shortest path to a diagnosis.

Here's an example:

Your vehicle has a missing engine, sputtering, missing, shaky idle. You suspect it's a clogged injector after running some basic tests. So, pull out your trusted oscilloscope, Vantage, Fluke, Pico, or the Scope-1 and the Vacuum Transducer, with it's ability to sense fuel changes. Connect the Vacuum Transducer to the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose or the fuel-rail itself. Start your engine and look for 4, 6 or 8 pulses or humps, as seen above. These corresponds to the fuel injector openings. If you see a clogged injector, then the humps are shorter or as seen above, no humps is visible. That's it... You found, without any reservations, that the issue is a clogged fuel injector. And remember, no dis-assembly required with the injectors in place.

Why you need the Vacuum Transducer

The Vacuum Transducer is a dynamic vacuum/pressure transducer that produces it's own signal. It is meant for "Fast Moving Changing Signals". It is not a pressure sensor for static pressures, like a fuel or vacuum gauge. It captures fast differential changes in vacuum or pressure. It is not meant to do compression tests; for that you use our "Compression Peek Pressure Transducer". The Vacuum Peek Transducer allows you to do injector flow tests, exhaust tests to detect burnt valve-train components, intake manifold vacuum tests to diagnose mechanical integrity, all kinds of small changes and many other scenarios where dis-assembly sets you back hours of work.

Solution to your problem

The Vacuum Transducer dynamic output (dynamic means fast moving) signal can me read by any scope/graphing meter, like the Vantage or any oscilloscope. If you use our company developed Scope-1, then you also get the "Signalator" software module. The "Signalator" is a software technology that reads and interprets the signal, and comes up with a solution. Other than that, the Vacuum Transducer comes with it's own video that lets you make some sense of what you're seeing, but experience is a must here. The Vacuum Transducer comes with all the needed cables and adapters. There's nothing else to buy, other than a different scope or graphing meter (it comes with it's own scope-software).

The benefits of the Vac-Peek Transducer

Using the Vacuum Transducer has one main benefit, it allows you to short cut hours from the diagnostic process. It is not meant for every occasion, but if it is, it makes for the best tool of choice. The Vacuum Transducer generates it's own signal. There are no connections to the battery or any other battery for that matter. The transducer's internal circuitry has filtering components to clean out the signal, in case you have a car with lots of EMF from the spark plug, wires or other ignition parts. The Vacuum Peek Transducer also comes fuel-fluid pressure ready. The BNC oscilloscope cable/connector and PC adpter is included, a BNC to Mic cable adapter is also included, as is a vacuum hose and a few other brass attachments. The unit comes with it's own protective plastic case. Feel free to right click and enlarge to images below for a clear view of the Vacuum Peek Transducer.

Automotive Vacuum Transducer Signal Waveform Screenshots

(Click Image to Enlarge)

vacuum peek transducer scope 1  vacuum peek transducer scope 2  vacuum transducer waveform 3

vacuum transducer waveform 4  vacuum transducer waveform 5  vacuum transducer oscilloscope vac-peek

Automotive Vacuum Transducer 1  Automotive Vacuum Transducer 2  Automotive Vacuum Transducer 3  Automotive Vacuum Transducer 4

Automotive Vacuum Transducer 5  Automotive Vacuum Transducer 6

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