Scan 1 OBD2 Auto Repair Intelligent Scanner with Automatic PID Analyzer Software

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The Scan 1 OBD2 scanner auto repair diagnostic tool is a unique software PC based scan tool, with built-in troubleshooter, PID Analyzer, DTC code videos, PID red-flag feature, advanced graphing, information and more. The PC based scanner software is bundled with all sorts of auto diagnostic and repair help. This OBD2 scan tool and your own oscilloscope makes for a complete auto repair shop solution. If you don't have an oscilloscope, then the Scope 1 is also available.

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Scan-1 OBD-2 Diagnostic System
(Includes all cables & Connectors, CD-ROM Software & Manual and plastic carrying case)

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auto tech plus laptop deal

Laptop + Scan-1 + Book/DVD DEAL (Save 20% - 11 Items Altogether + Laptop)

Pack-4 - This deal includes the Scan-1 Diagnostic System Pre-Loaded and the Laptop. You get the Bluetooth Scan-1 hardware already configured and paired, tested and ready to go. You also get the Scan-1 Software fully loaded and pre-programmed, with nothing else to do but use it. We often get asked to offer a kit with Scan-1 and Laptop, so the tech doesn't have to go to school to install the software. Ok, this is it, you're set here. Plus, you also get the OBD-2 Repair Strategies book, that deals with "How to Interpret the Different Scanner Data Parameters". This information is seen nowhere else. You get the Scan-1 with video troubleshooter, extensive help based information and the interpretation book. You're set here so far as scanners are concerned.
  1. Scan-1 Diagnostic System (loaded software and hardware)
  2. Automotive-Sensor-Testing E-book (pdf) ...... PLUS the accompanying DVD (plays on this laptop or your TV)
  3. Automotive-Actuator-Testing E-book (pdf) ...... PLUS the accompanying DVD (plays on this laptop or your TV)
  4. OBD-2 Diagnostic Strategies E-book (pdf) ...... PLUS the accompanying DVD (plays on this laptop or your TV)
  5. Automotive Electronics Course 1 E-book (pdf) ...... PLUS the accompanying DVD (plays on this laptop or your TV)
  6. Automotive Electronics Course 2 E-book (pdf) ...... PLUS the accompanying DVD (plays on this laptop or your TV)

Greatest deal for when you just need the Scan-1 and also need training. The included book and DVD sets are the most popular technician training courses that we offer. Used by countless tech-schools and trainers. All books and the Scan-1 are ready to use. See more Laptop deal PACKs here...

Scan-1 Automotive OBD-2 Scanner      Scan-1 Bluetooth Dongle    Scan-1 Diagnostic System

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What is the Scan 1 OBD II scanner and how is it different from all other OBD-2 diagnostic systems on the market?

The Scan 1 OBD II scanner software is a PC based (Laptop or PC) Bluetooth interface software, that will scan a vehicle, pull-up the relevant information from its internal database and then perform the appropriate BUILT-IN AUTOMATED TESTS to determine the problem. That is unique on any scanner. No other OBD2 scan tool will do a PID Datastream analysis for you.

Some (expensive) aftermarket OBD2 scanners have a form of internal database or troubleshooter. But the Scan 1 OBD2 scanner goes far beyond that. It's designed to take the difficult aspects of PID datastream analysis out of the repair process.

What does the Scan 1 do for you?

For example:

  • The "Star of the Scan 1 System", it is called "Automated PID Datastream Testing". The tool comes with an assortment of built in tests buttons that will analyze the datastream PID or parameters and tell you what the problem is all about. It won't fix your car, but get you closer to it.
  • You can do a series of tests without even looking at the datastream PIDs.
  • On top of it, during test mode, the Scan 1 OBD II scanner will sample the datastream PIDs at a much faster rate (faster than anything on the market) since it doesn't have to display the data each time.
  • As soon as the test is completed (average 100 seconds) the Scan 1 OBD II scanner will analyze and come up with a recommendation. This means that the unit has built-in intelligence behind it. If you have all your OBD-2 information at hand, you won't even have to go back to your normal information computer (Alldata, Mitchell) and spend time there.
  • Like any other scanner, the Scan 1 OBD II scanner will output normal scan values, codes info and also code setting criteria just at the touch of a button. No TIME WASTED in information overload search. Information retrieval is fast, easy and tailored to the data you've retrieved from your vehicle. The SDPScan 1 database in vastly huge and covers many aspects of diagnostics and it will also keep growing.
  • Graphing is also a snap. How many times have you been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and difficulty in using graphing. Well, the Scan 1 OBD II scanner has ALL AUTOMATED GRAPHING capabilities. All you have to do is choose from a series of buttons and you can graph the data for a specific fault, such as lean condition, O2 sensors, EGR fault, MAF fault, converter fault, etc. Both the tests section and the graphing sections are fully automated. You don't have to learn how to graph PIDs, just press a button.
  • Plus, the Scan 1 OBD II scanner is a complete OBD2 scanner meeting all the latest SAE Specifications. These specifications include a maximum of 76 PIDs (which include from O2 sensors, to EVAP pressure, EGR Error, AFR-Air Fuel Ratio Sensors, and on-the-fly monitor status). Up to 76 PIDs are now supported by the latest SAE Standard, which includes many PIDs only retrievable by OEM tools before. The Scan 1 OBD II scanner supports all SAE codes as well, which include P0, P1, P2 P3, C0, C1, C2, C3, B0, B1, B2, B3, U0, U1, U2, U3. P codes are powertrain, C codes are chassis, B codes are body and U codes are network faults. Keep in mind that this is the new SAE regulation and most vehicles are not yet made to support all these codes. The important fact is that the Scan 1 OBD II scanner is already capable of it. A protocol is simply a communication language. The Scan 1 OBD II scanner fully supports all 9 OBD-2 Protocols (J1850PWM, J1850VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO14230-4 (fast), ISO14230-4 (slow), CAN (11/500), CAN (29/500), CAN (11/250), CAN (29/250). So you are set for the future. No adapters are needed to make the Scan 1 OBD II scanner CAN Ready. In 2008 all vehicles were mandated by the standard to speak the CAN protocol (language).

What do you get when you buy the Scan 1 OBD II scanner

You get the Case, Bluetooth Vehicle Interface, molded DLC connector, Scan 1 Software Download and Password, USB Cable and extra OBD2 DLC Connector extension cable. The tool is very easy to use and setup on the computer. Userís manual video is part of the download, embedded on the software. The unit runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Pro.

Scan 1 OBD2 Intelligent Scanner with Automatic PID Analyzer SCREENSHOTS

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Scan 1 OBD2 Scanner 19  Scan 1 OBD2 Scanner 20  Scan 1 OBD2 Scanner 21  Scan 1 OBD2 Scanner 22

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