GDI - CRDI Direct Injector Pulser Tester

GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection (Petrol) and CRDI means Common Rail Direct Injection (Diesel) found mostly on Diesel engines. Finally, here is an affordable unit to test these injectors. THere are 2 types of direct injectors found on cars today, the Magnetic and the Piezo injectors. The GDI - CRDI Injector Pulser Tester is able to test both, Magnetic and Piezo injectors.

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GDI - CRDI Direct Injector Pulser-Tester is Coming Soon

How are GDI Magnetic and Piezo direct injectors triggered or actuated?

The answer is, much like the older styled injectors, but at HIGHER VOLTAGES. How high? GDI Magnetic injectors use 65 Volts and Piezo systems 120 Volts. They both use a Peak-and-Hold style injector power signal scheme, with an added twist. Both injectors, triggered at 65V and 120V respectively, also use a PWM power signal on the Hold part of the trigger pulse. Here's what we mean:

GDI injector waveform

As you can see, it's similar but different, when it comes to Direct Injector trigger signals. Our GDI - CRDI Pulser Tester can trigger all injectors, except the older ones of course. You could trigger the injectors in the car and using the pressure sensor, monitor its signal to do a leak-down test, as you would with older injectors. But, using the pressure sensor, rather than the fuel gauge.

Want to test these injectors outside the engine? Ok, fine then you have two options:

OPTION 1: Use low pressure at about 39 to 75 PSI. Yes, all injector rebuilders are using low pressure testing. You can even use the low pressure pump in the car to pressurize the system to low pressure, with Key-On-Engine-OFF and either using the scanner or our PWM-Bi-Directional Controller to command the fuel pump.

OPTION 2: Use a low cost Poppet injector pressurizer, used for the old Diesel injectors, and then trigger the GDI - CRDI injector with our pulser. It's that simple.

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