WristScope Connect-and-Forget Handheld Oscilloscope

(including PWM-1 & PWM-2 outputs)

DRIVER-100 photo NEW ITEM: Also FEATURING the DRIVER-100 Universal Solenoid Driver Add-On Unit. (See buying options below).

The WristScope is a "To the Point" handheld oscilloscope. It is meant to just, connect and forget. No settings are needed to operate. Have ever found yourself under the car, at the engine bay trying to determine if a CRANK, CAM, or Wheel-Speed sensor is outputting a SIGNAL? Well, this is it. Version 3.5-up now includes a PWM-1 & PWM-2 outputs, so you can also control other modules like, fuel-pump or cooling fan motor modules. The PWM signal is outputted right through the Channel wire leads.

The WristScope comes with a wristband (Magnetic or Clip-on), 2 channel probes, 12-Battery cable, 9V battery and Touch-Screen stylus pen. The Magnetic WristBand is optional, but highly recommended. WristScope without the wristband has the same software. Bundle the WristScope with the DRIVER-100, BLUE-VOLTAGE, FUSE-PEEKER, or one of our IGNITION PROBES and save.

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WristScope Handheld Automotive Oscilloscope
(Includes Software-UPDATES, all cables, e-Manual, cables, touch-screen-stylus-pen and plastic carrying case)
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MSRP $385.00                         !Now intro
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(NOTE: These boundled buying options ITEMS go hand in hand with the WristScope. They compliment each other, hence offered here. WS, BV & FP all have compatible alligator clip (input/output) terminals.
  1. WristScope (complete) sales price
  2. 10% OFF - (WS) WristScope + (BV) BlueVoltage
  3. 10% OFF - (WS) WristScope + (FP) FusePeeker
  4. 20% OFF - (WS) WristScope + (BV) BlueVoltage + (FP) FusePeeker
  5. 40% OFF - WristScope (no-magnetic wristband, just the scope, same software)
  6. 15% OFF - WristScope + DRIVER-100 (Universal Solenoid Driver)
  7. (UNTESTED-COMING SOON) WS + COP (Ignition Probe)
  8. (UNTESTED-COMING SOON) WS + MISFIRE (Ignition Clamp-On  Probe)

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The WristScope is a set and forget handheld Oscilloscope. Set, meaning "JUST TURN IT ON" or "JUST PRESS AN AUTOMATED" button. You may also set the Time, Amplitude and Trigger. Don't know how to do that? Don't worry about it, just use the Auto-Buttons, if you need to.

The idea here is this: 90% of mechanics or techs don't know how to use a labscope. Really, there's no reason for you to know that. Why? You're not an engineer. The WristScope is a no frills scope, no cursors, no unnecessary stuff. The WristScope is and has the following:
  • It's handheld
  • Has all cables
  • Has a 9V battery (if needed)
  • Has a car battery power cable
  • Has a Touch-Screen with a Stylus (no need to use dirty hands on screen)
  • Includes a magnetic or clip-on Wristband
  • It's software can be updated
  • It's 2 channels (so yes, CAM & CRK at same time)
  • The Blue-Voltage and Fuse-Peeker add-ons can be mated to the WS via-alligator clips or Banana plugs for rough-use.
  • WristScope has a 10:1 attenuator built-in
  • PWM-1 and PWM-2 outputs: good to control other modules (Fuel-pumps or Fan-motor modules)
  • Scope Channel Leads are BOTH, INPUT and OUTPUT.
The unit comes complete and in a plastic carrying with cables.

NOTE: Why use alligator clips or banana plugs? Well, for rough use. All interfaces (connectors) are prone to rust, loose connections, problems, problems and problems. Connectors are the weak-spot for all automotive uses. The alligator clips and banana plugs are the best for rough use. Not great for high frequency EMI protections, but in automotive use, the ignition system is the only high EMI issue. Out ignition probes are EMI shielded, so no worries.

ADD-ON Options on top >> WristScope LOGO + BLUE VOLTAGE + FUSE PEEKER<< ADD-ON Options on top

DRIVER-100 photo  DRIVER-100 photo 2  DRIVER-100 photo  DRIVER-100 photo

WristScope LOGO  WristScope intry screen  WristScope loading  WristScope tips screen

WristScope Waveform 1  WristScope Waveform 2  WristScope Automated buttons 1  WrsitScope Automomated Buttons 2

WristScope screen  wristscope screen menu  WristScope PWM Outputs 

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