OBD-2 DLC Health Checker

(with DLC Pin Oscilloscope included, Stress Loaded Power & Ground +Termination Resistor Substitution, CAN Voltage Injection and now Alternator DIODE Fault detection)

The OBD-2 DLC Health Checker is a dedicated OBD-2 DLC (Data Link Connector) analyzer tool. This is the go to tool whenever you're faced with a "No Communications" U-CODE. It is also "The Tool" to analyze issues with your vehicle's Power and Ground or Pins 4 & 5, since you have both Chassis and Sensor Ground at the DLC connector. Now also an ALTERNATOR DIODE test is included. See the rest of this website to see what it's all about.

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OBD-2 DLC Health Checker diagnostic tool
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OBD 2 health checker       
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What is the OBD-2 DLC Health Checker?

The OBD-2 DLC health Checker is a handheld standalone tool. It is it's own computer with graphing voltmeter screen. It is also version-2 of our previous Mr BOB DLC, which was a PC Based tool still found here on this website. The Health Checker has a few built-in pre-programmed test functions detailed below. It is also the only tool on the marker that has two "Secret Weapon Killer Features", which are the CAN-Network 120 Ohm termination resistor and the CAN voltage injection feature.

What are the 2 killer features about?

CAN-Network 120 Ohm termination resistor. All CAN Networks need two 120 Ohm termination resistors. Why? Because the network needs to voltage drop its signal against some resistance value. So, 120 Ohm was chosen for CAN networks. These 2 resistors are often found in the Dash module and the ECM. A common problem is loss of the termination resistor, due to a Dash or ECM issue. These 2 resistors can be located in any of the modules, so the OBD-2 Health Checker can insert such a resistor, found inside the tool itself, at the click on a button. And at the same time, you can watch the tool's graphing screen and determine if you have a CAN signal back on.

CAN voltage injection feature. Together with the 120 Ohm termination resistors, the CAN network also needs 5 volts. The network actually operates by splitting the 5 volt signal in half and toggling the voltage between 2.5V and 3.5V for CAN High and between 2.5V and 1.5V for CAN low. The Health Checker can inject the 5 volts if it's missing, which often comes from the ECM, but not always. Regardless of where the termination resistors and the 5 volts comes from, this tool will place these two into the network. If at that time the network comes alive, then it's just a matter of finding which module provides what and repairing or replacing the part, but NO MORE SWAPPING for NOTHING.

ALTERNATOR DIODE test that senses issues with the charge voltage and determines possible DIODE issues that don't come out on a regular alternator charge test. This test lasts only a few seconds and will uncover possible DIODE issues that are known to SPIKE and ECM/PCM and cause network issues.

LOADED Power and GROUND testing that definitely uncover many issues. The unit draws a nominal 2 Amps through Pins 4, 5 and 16 therefore stressing both DLC power and ground. Pin 5 is of special importance because it goes through the ECM/PCM and points to a computer ground problem.

MULTIPLEXED Oscilloscope Included thereby, there's no need to poke into the wires and oscilloscope setup time. The units is MULTIPLEXED to the DLC connector; so all you do is turn the knob and push to scope the Pin. Doesn't get any easier than that.

What are the features of the OBD-2 DLC Health Checker?

  • 12 Volt Cranking Analysis with test PASS/FAIL result and Cranking MIN. voltage recorded.
  • Stress-Test on POWER and GROUND (chassis and sensor).
  • 12 Volt Alternator ripple current.
  • CAN Network Voltage Test.
  • CAN Network Voltage injection.
  • 120 Ohm Termination Resistor Shunt.
  • Alternator DIODE test.

Unit will have 2 test settings:

  • 1) Automatic Testing Upon turn-on.
  • 2) Single PIN test by picking desired DLC pin.

Automatic Testing Sequence of events.

  • Power STRESS-Test.
  • Ground STRESS-Test.
  • 12 Volt Cranking Analysis test with PASS/FAIL result and Cranking MIN. voltage recorded.
  • 12 Volt engine running Alternator ripple test.
  • CAN Network Voltage Test.
  • Alternator DIODE Test.
  • Power STRESS-Test.
  • Ground STRESS-Test.
  • 12 Volt Cranking Analysis test.
  • 12 Volt engine running Alternator ripple test.
  • CAN Network Voltage Test
  • CAN Network Voltage injection.
  • 120 Ohm Termination Resistor Shunt.

Available Single Tests

  • Scope all DLC pins one at a time by turning and pushing the control knob.

OBD 2 health checker  OBD 2 health checker  OBD 2 health checker  OBD 2 health checker

OBD 2 health checker
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